The Yankees 2021 Rotation? Let’s dive in!

I have been doing a ton of thinking about the Yankees 2021 rotation lately and what it will look like.

New York Yankees 2021 Starting Rotation Options | News Break

We only know 1 sure fire lock at this point. 2 if you include RHP Clarke Schmidt. 3. IF, and only IF LHP Jordan Montgomery and really get it going the rest of this year and keep it going.

Here’s the current rotation:

  1. RHP Garrit Cole
  2. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  3. RHP Masahiro Tanaika
  4. LHP J.A. Happ
  5. RHP Clarke Schmidt

James Paxton is now on the Injured list.

Of these 6 Happ, Tanaka, and Paxton are guarantees to leave for verious reasons.

Paxton’s injury history and getting hurt again.

Tanaka is going to get MULTIPLE $100 Million+ offers for at leats 5 Years which the Yankees will not do.

Happ is nowhere near good enough to stay and has looked the part of a washed up veteran.

So… After this what Rotation options do the Yankees have IN HOUSE for 2021? This:

  1. RHP Garrit Cole
  2. RHP Clarke Schmidt
  3. LHP Jordan Mongomery
  4. RHP Deivi Garcia
  5. RHP Domingo German( If he’s even allowed to pitch by the Yankees and if he’s not traded)
  6. RHP Luis Severino(Starting in Early July.

The Yankees absolutely have to add AT LEAST 2 SP’s from outside the organisation. BUT WHO?

LHP Robbie Ray and RHP Trevor Bauer come to mind instantly and are very, VERY likely. Almost guaranteed.

RHP Jake DeGrom is unlikely but Cashman is trying for him per reports and DeGrom’s agent.

As you can see, RHP Mike Clevenger is likely, far more than DeGrom due to being in different City and Division. Either OR BOTH could happen.

Cashman is ringing phones off the hook right now trying for pitching. He has even talked to Cleveland about a SS Francisco Lindor, RHP Mike Clevenger, and LHP Brad Hand trade package.

Talks can’t be far there as almost nothing is being said yet.

So what is the best case scenario opening day rotation for the Yankees in 2021? This:

  1. RHP Garrit Cole
  2. RHP Jacob DeGrom
  3. RHP Mike Clevinger
  4. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  5. RHP Trevor Bauer

Yeah don’t hold your breath! I won’t either!

What is the most likely? This:

  1. RHP Garrit Cole
  2. RHP Trevor Bauer
  3. LHP Robbie Ray
  4. RHP Clarke Schmidt
  5. LHP Jordan Montgomery

This would be a tops in the game rotation. Ray will be cheap and Bauer far cheaper then the playoff ACE Tanaka.

I think Robbie Ray will be a Yankee very, VERY soon FYI. The talks are already ongoing there.

Cashman is working hard right now and will complete some trades very soon. Remember Cashman keeps it silent till boom goes the dynamite!

I would be surprised if a trade is not completely this weekend. STAY ALERT GUYS!








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