I stand Against Abuse, I Always Will, and This is Why

When McKayla Maroney 1st started sharing her story it hurt me to my soul. How could anyone hurt a child so much. Let alone so many as that monster did? I stand against this satanic behavior and always will!

As I look to get married and have a family of my own, I look forward to raising lots of little girls of my own! I will never let anything happen to them!

Many years ago while I was a member of the BSA and earning my 68 merit badges, also after growing up under unimaginable physical abuse BY MY FMAILY MEMEBERS (INCLUDING THE MAN I CALLED MY OWN FATHER!), I started getting sexually abused by leaders at scout camps.

I have memories of scout leaders putting me on their laps and grabbing things. Being thrown into rooms with naked girls, etc. There’s a reason I have a open lawsuit against the BSA going through the courts right now!

Know I have bene through it all. I have bene through hell and back and lived to tell about it.

How did I come through it feeling fine and healthy and mentally sane? Through God’s grace and healing spirit. He heals all.

As I have been reading McKayla’s story today that I will not recount, I have almost been in tears for her.

Now I will make it know that McKayla Maroney, Aly Reisman, and any other girl that monster tortured, are 100% innocent! They are beautiful girls who did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG!

I really hope they realize this. I will always be there for them. BE their friend, and pray for God to heal their souls!

The behavior these girls, the victims of such brutal acts, had to endure is as evil as it gets! The trauma it causes from trust issues, to physical damage to reproductive organs, to ETC, is almost unfixable. Only through God can it be undone! Let alone being lied to be the Olympic Committee as they refuse to take the responsibility for their actions or rather gross inactions!

I pray again that God heals McKayla, Aly, and all the other girls this monster abused!

You who have been abused have no clue what its like to feel like you have no one. To feel like no one cares as you get abused and you just cry and endure it!

I implore the IOC to change the rules ASAP and let parents be with their kids every step of the way as their kids pursue their Olympic dreams. Dreams that should never be shattered by evil men doing evil acts to innocent girls!

As Trump takes out the world wide pedophile ring I wish him luck. I was never a Trump supporter till he started taking them out. I will support the death penalty on all of them!

While growing up I learned the primary Children’s Hymn: “How Dear to God are Little Children!” and have always loved it! It goes as follows:

“1. How dear to God are little children;

With him their spirit life began.

So priceless their security,

Their innocence and purity;

They are a part of his eternal plan.

2. To earthly parents God sends children

To guide and teach, protect and love.

Oh, let us keep the sacred trust

That he has placed with each of us

And help to guide them back to God above.

How dear to God are little children.

(Here’s a link if you would like to hear it performed: CLICK HERE)

Such previous little children deserve our protection. 15 year old McKayla 100% deserved her mom being in that room with her to protect her from the monster! All kids deserve their parents being around the, at all times to protect and serve them!

I pray for any child wrongfully abused! Those innocent little angels deserve to live the best most loved and peaceful lives ever yet the devil loves to torment them and steal their lives and innocents!

I implore all who read this to never treat an abuse victim any different then any regular person. They deserve the same treatment and very much are regular, normal people!

Join with me when I say, I will pray for all that are harmed and abused and stand by them. I will be their friend, helper, confidant and supporter! May we all take this stand!

As I am around kids I am always watching out for their safety and protection. As I was driving to church this morning I noticed and little child running around playing, I instantly hit my brakes as a precaution to protect him. Being a few moments later then planned, doesn’t hurt and is huge to protect the children!

May we all join in protect our children!




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