What to Expect in a Juan Soto Trade to the Yankees:

As we move into this offseason, the Yankees and Padres are already deep in talks on a Juan Soto trade.

I again remind everyone when it leaks out the Yankees asked a team about a player known to be available via trade, ESPECIALLY THIS EARLY IN THE OFFSEASON, you can bank on the talks being so further along in talks its not even funny!

This said what are the odds I give to such a trade happening? Just this: NEAR LOCK! The signs are all there. The evidence is right in front of you!

Heck even V.E.G.A.S and the MLB would bank off this one!

So what can we expect going forward?

1st I see more reports of contact between the teams going into the GM meetings then it being the big deal during the winter meetings.

The trade per reports and my own info should look like this:

Padres GET:

OF Everson Pereira, RHP Drew Thorpe, RHP Will Warren, and INF Gleyber Torres or INF Anthony Volpe

Yankees GET:

OF Juan Soto (Then instant extension. If Cashman has been cleared to trade for him he has the clearance to extend him instantly!)

Keep in mind due to going into his walk year Soto’s value is destroyed. Still they (PADRES) can demand a good package.

Juan Soto also so perfectly fits what Brian Cashman and Hal Stienbrenner said they want in players. Young, has his prime ahead of him, etc.

This remains Hal (Stienbrenner) and (Brian) Cashman’s chance to permanently shut Yankees fans up about not getting Bryce Harper as well.

So many advantages to this trade!

So much to lose by not doing it!

Something tells me Juan Soto is the player the Yankees have been waiting for to add with Aaron Judge for the best 1-2 middle lineup punch in the game!

Call it a feeling and such but its a lock to me just like Josh Hader who happens to be another Brian Cashman WHITE WHALE!

How many times has Cashman tried for Hader?

Get excited Yankees fans as this offseason will mirror the 2008-2009 one.

BY: Adam King







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