Francisco Lindor GOES OFF on the Indians! He’s done! Yankees are Next!

Francisco Lindor is 100% done with the Cleveland Indians! He’s 100% forcing his way out the door and 100% YES to the New York Yankees this coming off season!

Cleveland Indians: Responding to NY Post story about Lindor, Yankees

Read this article as it spells it out:

The extension talks with the Indians broke down over a year ago and have never been picked back up. Lindor has emphatically refused!

We’ve known this and now know why.

Lindor was and is as pissed off as it gets at the team for not competing! Something he will never have to deal with as a Yankee.

The Indians have talked about him in trade talks the last 3 trade deadline’s and 2 offseason’s but have yet to pull the trigger.

Lindor is a FA after the 2021 Season.

All factors give the Indians no choice but to trade the disgruntled star SS ASAP!

So why is he a lock to go to the Yankees? VERY SIMPLE!

The biggest factor here is the Yankees current SS Gleyber Torres proved this past season he cannot play SS in committing a ton of errors awhile looking unbelievably terrible at the position.

That’s 25, TWENTY FIVE, YES 25 ERORS in just 138 games as a SS at the MLB level!

By far the worst in he MLB in that span. Worst in MLB history actually over a full season worth of games!

He’s far better as a 2nd baseman with just 21 Errors in 214 games. While still alarmingly high, its still FAR, FAR better.

As such the Yankees have no choice BUT to trade for Francisco Lindor and move Gleyber Torres back to 2nd base. Staring 2B DJ LeMahieu can move to 1B or resume his utility roll originally planned for by the Yankees.

WHAT DO THE YANKEES HAVE TO LOSE? The Indians have to trade him and the Yankees have to trade for him.

What would such a trade look like? Here’s my best guess:

Yankees Get: SS Francisco Lindor

Indians Get: INF Thairo Estrada, RHP Miguel Yajure, INF Oswald Peraza and RHP Nick Nelson.

This is as close to it as I can guess from what I have been told of the situation, though it may only take 3 players/prospects for the Yankees to get him.

After the trade of Clevenger the Indians needs changed. They seemed to find the OF they needed for the future in Josh Naylor.

Thus prying Oswald Peraza from the Yankees gives them their SS of the future and fills bigger needs.

The Yankees fill their SS GAPING HOLE as well.

Stay very alert as FA opens and throughout this offseason for this trade to happen. I don’t think it will take very long for it to come to fruition.








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