Very Interesting Trevor Bauer Update Just Now!

So RHP Trevor Bauer said some very interesting things about possibly joining the Yankees and their ACE RHP Garrit Cole in the Yankees rotation just a few minutes ago.


He was doing a presser after winning the 2020 NL Cy Young Award which was 100% deserved!

Here’s the 1st things he said:

Clear as day connecting himself to the Yankees.

Then he completely cleared the air on the so called spat between him and Yankees ACE RHP Trevor Bauer:

This is a blatantly clear sales pitch to the New York Yankees! It couldn’t be more clear if it wanted to be!

Its now as clear as day that ACE RHP Trevor Bauer 100% wants to join ACE RHP Garrit Cole in the Yankees rotation!

The only question now is do the Yankees want him?

I have already confirmed the Yankees are talking to him and his agent Rachel Luba. As such I can say THE UNEQUIVOCAL ANSWER IS YES!

The issue will be the contract side and if they can make the $$$ and years work.

Could Hal squeeze the check book and say no or is the Garrit Cole signing last year a sign of how he will now run things?

I have the feeling the latter is true. That all the reports the Yankees won’t spend are fake just like last year!

Hal has to know the luxury tax is about to get abolished by the CBA coming out next year.

Its the perfect time to take advantage and make some moves such as trading for Lindor, signing Bauer, ETC with little to no competition.

Its the worst possible time for Hal Stienbrenner to hold back and not spend as such I don’t buy it for a second.

Not with 2 stars like Lindor and Bauer demanding to play for them and the Yankees have the ability to make the moves without even trying!

Again I do not know what stage the talks are in between the Yankees and Bauer or the Yankees and Indians for Lindor but Hal absolutely has to pull the trigger here!








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