The Yankees REAL Targets Are Matt Olson and Trevor Story!

As we move through Free Agency Take 2 in the MLB, several things do not make sense. Lets discuss them and how it proves the Yankees real targets are Matt Olson and Trevor Story.

1st we heard Gio is the starting SS which Cashman himself has already prior refuted.

Here is what Cashman had already said prior:

New York Yankees 3B situation: Gio Urshela locked in, Miguel Andujar ready to pounce

Thus we know this is window dressing. Just talk and nothing solid for anyone to read into.


We know the Yankees “Pursuits” of Freddie Freeman make no sense at all when he is close to a deal with the Dodgers and the Yankees will not get in such a bidding war. Its also far, FAR, FAR too public for it to be real Brian Cashman negotiations.

Its complete silent around Trevor Story as well…

NOW… Notice how silent is on several fronts. Matt Olson? Only this:

This guy has yet to be wrong. Big Dog Insiders and Reporters have confirmed the Yankees are after LHP Sean Manaea as we all know AND, who is Olson’s Current teammate. Quite telling…

Then this popped up:

Someone suggested this idea to me (THE REDICULOUS PART IS FREDDIE FREEMAN HAVING NOT SIGNED YET) it makes so much sense! The Yankees are in talks with Trevor Story but using Freddie Freeman to cloud things and help their trade talks with the A’s for Matt Olson at the same time.

HOW DO I KNOW THIS? This is how:

Yes you read that right Freddie Freeman and Trevor Story do in fact have the same agent.

This whole time Yankees GM Brian Cashman has been playing CHESS while everyone else is thinking in Checkers!

By leaking it out they are talking to Freeman that gives Cashman the the Yankees the blanket to hide behind and get a deal done with Story while also playing with the A’s and negotiating there as well.


Stay alert my friends as Brian Cashman is hard at work!








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