Post Lockout Top FA and Trade Candidate Predictions

As we move closer and closer to a new CBA agreement lets take a look and who’s available and make educated predictions based off known info!

First lets start with the top 5 trade candidates:

#1: 1B Matt Olson 

This is a known trade in the works. 4 teams confirmed to have asked about him in the Yankees (LEADING CONTENDER HERE), Dodgers, Braves, and Redsox (Emphatically told off by the A’s as they have nothing to trade with!).We’ll see what happens here but odds are he gets traded!

Prediction: Traded to Yankees after Freeman joins Dodgers (See below).

#2: RHP Luis Castillo

A pitcher everyone and their mother knows is available via trade however who’s price tag remains sky high! I am not confident he’s traded at all!

Prediction: Stays with the Reds

#3: INF Jose Ramirez:

Another player everyone knows is available but I don’t see getting moved! AT LEAST 13 teams have asked about him this offseason and gotten nowhere.

Prediction: Stays in Cleveland

#4: 3B Matt Chapman:

Trade rumors have been flying around him all offseason and only getting stronger. Odds are heavily in favor of him getting traded. Olson far more likely then Chapman but yes both expected to be traded.

Prediction: Traded to the Yankees.

#5: Any A’s Starting Pitcher:

The A’s are prepping for a FIRE SALE of epic proportions. The Yankees and other and listening and ready. At least 1 A’s starter will be traded.

Prediction: Manaea to Yankees, and Basset to an NL Contender, I will Guess THE CUBS based off the info I was given.


#1: SS Trevor Story:

Everyone wants to know where he will end up. The Yankees were and remain the closest team to getting him before the lockout. The Rangers were the other team deep in talks with him and guess what? They grabbed Semien and inexplicably Seager instead. Not a lot of options remain for him. The Mariners even gave up on getting him as well.

Prediction: Signs with the Yankees

#2: 1B Anthony Rizzo:

Not many rumors around him. The Yankees have told him they ant him back and vise versa but the Marlins and Braves checked in as well. There’s not a ton known about his FA outside this.

Prediction: Resigns with Yankees pending the Olson trade happening or not. If the Olson trade happens then He will sign with the Marlins, his hometown team.

#3: OF Seiya Suzuki:

A very interesting player. Not a lot came out since he was posted before the lockout. That said, the Yankees were by a landslide the closest to signing him before the lockout. The Jays and Redsox checked in but the Yankees are the landslide leaders here.

Prediction: Signs with the Yankees

#4 LHP Clayton Kershaw:

Very weird one here. Absolutely no talks about him at all.  The Yankees will try for him but yeah I don’t really see it. You have to believe the Dodgers make a run at him after losing out on Scherzer. The Rangers will be all over their home town kid Kershaw as well.

Prediction: Signs with Rangers

#5 SS Carlos Correa:

Everyone wants to know where he will end up but no one really knows his market. The Cub s, Dodgers, Phillies, and YANKEES all talked with his agent but no offers other then the origional one from the Astros (5 years $185 Million or there abouts). What will happen then? No one knows at this point.

Prediction: Resigns with Astros or signs with the Phillies

#6: LHP Carlos Rodon: 

A pitcher who has been replaced by his team and this needs a new home. Lots and lots of teams need pitching. A reclamation project who works with Cressy. See the signs yet?

Prediction: Signs with Yankees.

#7: 1B Freddie Freeman:

A weird one. 8 teams have talked to him with his only offer remains from the Braves at 5 years $150 Million. If the Braves ever go to 6 years he’s staying a Brave. Otherwise his only other believed option is his HOME TOWN Dodgers.

Prediction: Signs with Dodgers unless the Braves do go to 6 years.

#8: INF/OF Kris Bryant:

Who really knows where he is going? 18 teams talked to him with 7 making offers from 1 year $18 Million to believed as high as 7 Years and north of $200 Million. Word is the closest team to getting him is the Phillies.

Prediction: Signs with Phillies

#9: INF/OF Nick Castellanos:

Another player without much of a market. His Home Town Marlins seem like LITERALLY the only team after him thus far. There’s plenty of talks of other teams but the MArlins remain the only team actually engaged with him in talks.

Prediction: Signs with Marlins

#10: OF/INF Kyle Schwarber:

Very interesting note on Schwarber came out right before the lockout. He has a deal DONE, 100% DONE with the Phillies and will sign it as soon as the lockout ends. This is flying all over MLB circles.

Prediction: Signs with Phillies


This kind of game is a touch thing but at least there’s real info to go off of! I used a top in the game reporter and insider for most of this info. This was based of research and hard work.




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