Ken Rosenthal’s DROPS BOMBS IN PODCAST! Lets digest it!

Lets start with the podcast l am going to be referencing here. It may not be the full one though. This is it from his own tweet.

Now lets take a look at this and digest it.

Ken Rosenthal said he believes the Yankees will keep 1B Anthony Rizzo. He thinks it will be for around 5 Years and $75 Million as Rizzo will work with the Yankees.

Here are Ken Rosenthal’s predictions on the SS’s contracts and where they will sign. I will go from largest to smallest (* = Draft pick compensation attached!). Note: Ken Rosenthal said NO SS IS GETTING NEAR $300 MILLION!

  1. Javy Baez(26) – Dodgers 10 Years $258 Million*
  2. Carlos Correa(27) – Tigers 10 Years 250 Million*
  3. Trevor Story(31) – Athletics 8 Years $220 Million*
  4. Marcus Semien(31) – Mets 7 Years $210 Million*
  5. Corey Seager(27) – Yankees 8 Years $160 Million
  6. Brandon Crawford(35) – Giants 3 years $45 Million+

As you can see none of them get near $300 Million as some believe. Not even close.

Eerily similar to my predictions. HAHA

Ken Rosenthal went on to say there will be SEVERAL surprises in FA starting with smaller contracts then expected.

As I look at this the Yankees emphasis on power lefty bats sticks out more and more. They have a plan here.

Just imagine this lineup next year for the Yankees:

  1. 2B DJ LeMahieu – R
  2. RF Aaron Judge – R
  3. 1B Anthony Rizzo – L
  4. C Gary Sanchez R
  5. SS Corey Seager L
  6. DH Giancarlo Stanton R
  7. LF Joey Gallo L
  8. 3B Gio Urshela – R
  9. CF Estevan Florial – L

WOW talk about loaded and balanced!

I would absolutely LOVE this lineup!

As for the CBA and the talks Rosenthal said this:

“Get ready as it will be a fight. The luxury tax, Universal DH, 7 inning double headers, Extra Inning Phantom Runner rue, ETC all will be talked out. Changes are coming!”

I have been told be league sources the luxury tax will be abolished or at the very least raised to $300 Million for the 1st threshold.

The 7th inning double header rules according to Rob Manfred is being removed with the extra inning rule but in deals for other things. We’ll definitely have to see how this goes and hope for the best.

Also another major note if the Universal DH is wrongfully forced into the NL that the Dodgers  would trade for Stanton and the Yankees would be interested. Say in a sign and trade for Seager?

Things about to get hecka interesting!

In a Cubs note Ken Rosenthal expects Kris Bryant to be the player to return to Chicago.




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