The 2021 CBA. What changes are coming?

So with 2021 fast approaching we know major changes are coming. what changes? Lets take a look.

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As you can see in that picture from the last CBA changes have already been made. Herter’s what next.

A 26th man has already been added. The 40 man is gone and now its a 28 man. The Luxury tax is now over $228 Million. ETC.

Here’s the known new changes coming as I and others have been told:

  1. The luxury tax. It’s going to get abolished. The 18 (There’s actually 26 but 8 are wrongfully considered small market) big market teams are done with it as its having the complete adverse effects. Even some small market teams are including the Padres. It’s going to get destroyed to the tune of being raised to over $#300 Million or gone completely. The players 100% want it out as well.
  2. Expanded playoffs. Yes it’s here and here to stay as it’s going to be written in the new CBA.
  3. Outlawing a salary cap permanently! Only 4 teams even want one including the blatant cheating Rays (Yes their style of play is blatant cheating as they are hurting baseball in every way!)! In the last CBA 28 out of 30 teams voted to never have a salary cap at all. They insisted on it and it’s now written in the CBA and baseball rules. The teams knows a salary cap would permanently destroy baseball. The p[layers are vehemently against any salary cap. They know it would hurt contract size and values.

This is all the changes I can talk about at this point. Its going to return to nothing stopping the big market big $$ teams from spending and to forcing small market teams with $$ to spend like the Rays, Royals, etc to spend. This is how baseball must be played.

There are other things being talked about. including how will this years labor talks effect next years CBA talks? Immensely. 1. its given teams ammo to use to force out salary restrictions. The owners will force them out in exchange for what the players wanted.

The Players never wanted the luxury tax in the 1st place out of fear it would hurt their negotiating power which it has. While some are getting the contracts they want others never have and are never getting what they think they are worth. More reason for them to force out all salary restrictions as well. The MLBPA also knows it will destroy contract size as it has in the NBA and NFL.

Ken Rosenthal tweeted out a year ago:

“Large markets may use courts to force out luxury tax it the new CBA does not do it. It’s going to get forced out one way or another! (I tried to find his tweet of such but spent days looking to no avail. I did find he said it in a TV interview but could not find one to ad here. I ASSURE YOU HE DID SAY IT EVEN SHOULD HE NOT REMEMBER SAYING IT!)”

The Luxury tax is gone. No chance a salary cap will ever happen. Both the teams and players want it out and will stop it.

Get ready for next year negotiations and have fun watching the 2020 season.







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