The MLB finally comes in with a GREAT, GREAT plan!

The MLB just came in with a great plan. A plan that makes sense for everyone involved.

1st we heard this early this morning that only 4 teams voted AGAINST skyrocketing the luxury tax meaning ITS GOING WAY UP:

Again this tells us there’s 26 votes to up the luxury tax. Its going up. That’s done.

Then this just broke which is an amazingly good plan by the MLB:

Remember the owners already agreed to raise the Luxury tax to $240 Million+. Thus why not make a deal to make loads of $$ back from it? IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE!

Also 20-20 taught us the more playoff teams the BY FAR more $$ the league and owners make!

The other side of this is 2 expansion teams being added IS COMING AND VERY SOON! AS JUSTIN VERLANDER’S BRITHER said:

Think about it! Why else expand the playoffs unless 2 more teams being added to the league is imminent?

THIS IS FACT! Expansion by 2 teams to even with the other pro sports is coming VERY, VERY soon! They will be in 2 of these ALREADY APPROVED cities(THE A’s Are Staying):

  1. Las Vegas, NV
  2. Salt Lake City, UT
  3. Brooklyn, NY
  4. Orlando, FL
  5. Lexington, KY
  6. Louisville, KY

No other Cities is on the MLB’s list as of right now. If I had to guess Las Vegas, and either Orlando or Brooklyn get the teams.

Such a genius plan by the MLB and should FINALLY get baseball back. Does the MLBPA jump on it? Lets see what happens…





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