My Thoughts On What The Yankees Will Do Position By Position!

As I look around Twitter, FB and such I see so many guesses on what the Yankees will do. I did some checking with my sources and big time reporters around the game. Here’s what I have found out:

Yankees Rotation:

Cole is in it. There’s no doubts there. After Cole everything is up in the air outside maybe young stud ACE RHP Luis Severino. After checking around its believed the Yankees will  target 2 pitchers in FA in LHP’s Carlos Rodon and Robbie Ray. Can they sign both remains the biggest question. Yes the Yankees are even questions Jamison Taillon though it seems more as if he will be in the rotation then not. That said I would not be shocked at all to see a Yankees rotation like this in 2022:

  1. RHP Garrit Cole
  2. LHP Robbie Ray
  3. RHP Luis Severino
  4. LHP Carlos Rodon
  5. RHP Jamison Tallion

Makes great sense and is very, VERY deep.


Last year’s opening day lineup looked like this:

  1. 2B DJ LeMahieu
  2. RF Aaron Judge
  3. CF Aaron Hicks
  4. DH Giancarlo Stanton
  5. 1B Luke Voit
  6. SS Gleyber Torres
  7. 3B Gio Urshela
  8. LF Mike Tauchman
  9. C Gary Sanchez

CAN YOU SAY YIKES??? Here’s a position by position break down of what is believed will happen and a look at what next year’s lineup will look like.


1st off Gary Sanchez is not going anywhere. The Yankees no he has no trade value and just put up the 14th HIGHEST WAR for any catcher in the game. There’s simply no way to replace that unless the Yankees convince the Cubs to trade them Contreras which according to those in the know there is no chance of. As Such Sanchez will be the starter. Higashioka fully expected to be traded as well.

First Base:

Rizzo is a FA that is fully expected to get resigned by those in the know! Voit is fully expected to be traded. The Yankees faked an injury so they did not have to include him on their post season roster after all.

Second Base: 

DJ LeMahieu is the man here. Yes I know about Gleyber Torres but he is fully expected to be traded!

Short Stop:

Look for the Yankees to sign Corey Seager FAST in FA! He is 100% their target and bats over .300. In Yankees Stadium 81 times a year he’s a 30/100 guy as well. You also have to factor in what does Aaron Judge want? He wants Seager not Correa, Baez, Semien, ETC. Trevor Story is the believed backup plan here.

Third Base:

This is a very, VERY interesting one. The Yankees are very interested ion lefty power hitting KYLE Seager. The older bro of Corey. I see it happening. Gio Urshela expected to get the boot with Torres, Voit, ETC!

Left Field:

Joey Gallo is the man here. He’s not going anywhere.

Center Field:

This is another one that is all over the place. Aaron Hicks will be returning from injury but do the Yankees even want him at this point? At least 10 teams would take a flier on Hicks. I think Hicks is gone. Likely packaged in a trade. Estevan Florial makes the most sense to me but I have confirmed the Yankees will be taking a shot at landing Ketel Marte from the DBacks. They have extremely little to no interest in Starling Marte  form what I have heard.

Right Field:

Nothing to say here as the best RFer in the game holds this spot down and will get an extension this offseason. I would guess for 7 years and around $25 Million per or $175 Million total.

Designated Hitter:

Again filled by the best DH in baseball in Giancarlo Stanton. Yankees will also include other guys here.

Yankees 2022 Lineup?

All of this taken into account here is my best prediction for the Yankees 2022 lineup:

  1. 2B DJ LeMahieu
  2. 1B Anthony Rizzo
  3. RF Aaron Judge
  4. SS Corey Seager
  5. DH Giancarlo Stanton
  6. 3B Kyle Seager
  7. C Gary Sanchez
  8. LF Joey Gallo
  9. CF Estevan Florial

A loaded, DEEEEEP lineup!


This one is all over the place. Rumblings have the Yankees going into next season with a completely new bench! The strongest rumblings have this as the Yankees bench in 2022:

  1. C Rob Brantley
  2. INF Gio Urshela
  3. OF Trey Amburgey
  4. INF Chris Gittens

Its the cheap rout unless they can find some cheap veterans.


Well we know about 6 guys that are safe in RHP Clay Holmes, RHP Johnathan Loaisiga, LHP Aroldis Chapman, RHP Mike King, RHP Stephen Ridings, and RHP Chad Green. I do fully anticipate a few additions to shore things up. I do expected a few good arms added. Harder finally may happen. Brewers inching closer and closer to a rebuild. We’ll see what happens.

A best guess at the Yankees 2022 bullpen looks like this:

  1. CP: LHP Josh Hader
  2. SU1: RHP Johnathan Loaisiga
  3. SU2: LHP Aroldis Chapman
  4. MR1: RHP Clay Holmes
  6. MR3: RHP Chad Green
  7. MR4: RHP Stephen Ridings
  8. LR1: LHP Nestor Cortes

That’s the way I see it.

Should be a very, VERY interesting offseason Yankees fans as the Yankees are expected to spend but not on the top end guys but on the Seager, Seager, Ray, Rodon type.




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