Explaining the Multi BILLION $$$ ONLINE Advertising Industry.

AS I have been questioned about the #’s I have for $$ lost due to this proven FAKED pandemic, I decided to explain it. NO I cannot use company names that I was working to get deals with but I can explain the #’s.

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To start, back in March I was on the verge with 3 MAJOR CORPORATIONS ton advertise for them on my website. Some of you will remember I even had advertisements up for a few weeks.

When sports shut down all 3 companies back out fast. The day Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert got sick the 1st was gone. The other 2 the next morning. Almost as if they knew what was coming huh?

The 1st one was a BIG BOX Retailer (Good luck guessing which of the 19 it was… HAHAHA) they were offering my website $500,000 upfront, $10 for every click nand 50% of the profits which estimated out to well over $500 per day.

My accountant I was and am working with calculated as high as $5000 per day.

That adds up very quickly.

The 2nd was a motor company who offered my website $1.1 MIllion upfront, $100 per click and over $2500 per vehicle purchase through my site.

My accountant calculated I would’ve made upwards of $50,000 per day and at least $20,000 per day for this one.

The final was was a sports retailer. They were offering my website around $500,l00 up front, $5 every click and 50% of profits which my accountant said would be at least $2500 per day to my company.

Are you starting to see the MASSIVE $$ in online advertising? Well try what happen over the last few weeks to me.

I will start the 7 negotiations I had over the last few weeks with on the high end very expensive auto makers.

They were offering my website $1.8 MIllion up front for main advertising spots, between $20,000 qand $55,000 every car sold, $1000 per click from my website, and a free car to be my company car. This adds up incredibly fast.

3 of the others were sports apparel and equipment retailers. All offering my website around the same $290,000 EACH upfront and $1-$5 per click and 25% of profits. This calculated out to around at least $10,000 per day.

The next was a major sports website. They offered me a partnership with $5 Million up front., No $$ per day. I was leaving this to last in negotiations.

The final 2 were big time tool retailers. Both offered over $250,000 up front, $1-$25 per click, and 50% profits. At least $2500 per day to my website according to projections.

As you can tell advertising is a HUUUUUGE $$ business.

I also added Google adsense to my website but its in a royal pain in the but to get working.

Also I have gotten over 100 buyout offers with the highest being over $100 Million n but they all required I stop writing which I will not due. I have way to much fun with it. I also feel its way to important for me and my readers.

Anyways… No you can see why I am so upset. I lost over $8 Million in upfront $$ alone. A calculated $24.8 Million total.

Companies make these offers based of a site traffic. I get over 25,000 viewers per day thus these offers.

I have no clue if I will ever recoup this or not… I can only jhop and pray for more such offers.

This proven faked pandemic is not just hurting me. Several other such sports website have told me they lost simular deals.

1 lost a deal worth over $1 Billion they told me.

Its infuriating. I don’t think any of us can get them, back.

I guess I’ll keep on keeping on and see what comes.

This industry is not for everyone and not everyone can succeed at it. I have more the proven I can. Pray for me to have luck and finally get the deals needed. Thanks all!


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