Yankees Offseason Updates:

Here’s the very latest I am hearing on the Yankees offseason moves:

The key to the Yankees' 2020 offseason - Pinstripe Alley

Lets start with DJ LeMahieu. Here’s the latest:

Its down to the same spot the Zack Britton talks were 2 years ago. 1 year or 2 more then the Yankees offered.

Zack Britton wanted 5 years but settled for 4 and got 4. I have the feeling DJ does the same.

This is 100% getting done. The Yankees and DJ LeMahieu just have to find the middle ground as the Yankees did with Britton!

Trevor Bauer:

The only thing here is the Yankees are the only team really in talks for him. Most GM’s are not spending due to $$ losses. Bauer is being very careful where he goes to keep Title hopes alive.

Very, VERY few teams will even be involved. If I had to guess he’ll be a Yankee but I have the gut feeling there are surprises in store here.

Francisco Lindor:

The Yankees remain the landslide favorites for Lindor. He recently told the Indians to trade him to the Yankee and only the Yankees.

Also and again due to $$ losses the Yankees are basically the ONLY team after him.

The Mets have multiple Young SS’s and other needs to pursue including George Springer ETC.

The Cardinals have no needs for a SS but are talking to Simmons and not the Indians.

The Blue Jays already have a young star SS named Bo. Same with the Dodgers name Corey.

It goes on and on. Just no landing spots for him out side of the Yankees. I give it 95% chance of happening. Not guaranteed but a near lock.

New Cubs-Yankees trade Rumors:

Just yesterday there were multiple reports the Yankees and cubs are working on a major trade that would send Anthony Rizzo+ to the Yankees.

The Yankees would love to get Anthony Rizzo’s LEFT HANDED POWER BAT and GOLDEN GLOVE to NY! They are offering Luke Voit+ for Rizzo. Stay very alert here.

Here’s other names respectively the Yankees may pursue from the Cubs:

  1. RHP Kyle Kendrick
  2. INF/OF Ian Happ(Switch Hitter)
  3. C Victor Caratini(SWITCH HITTER)
  4. C Wilson Contreras
  5. 3B Kris Bryant
  6. INF/OF/C/DH Kyle Schwarber(Very unlikely)
  7. INF Javy Baez(NO CHANCE)

Those are the only ones the Yankee asked the Cubs about.

I have been hearing for a month now the Yankees and Cubs were cooking this Rizzo trade up and that’s why the Yankees wanted to cap their spending at $210 Million.


Other notes:

I was told just last night the Yankees talks with Morton are ongoing but extremely unlikely he goes anywhere by TB or Atlanta. He really wants to stay near his home in Orlando.

As for Corey Kluber the Yankees will watch him throw and are very likely to try for him to replace Tanaka who is expected to leave(More on this in a bit). Keep an eye on this as it reeks of a classic Cashman move.

Masahiro Tanaka has received 6 offers now and all are larger then the Yankees are willing to go. The Smallest is 4 years at $18 Million per(I am not at liberty to discuss r disclose the team that made the offer).

The Yankees meanwhile will go to $15 Million ABSOLUTELY MAX per and if not $12 Million.

The Largest comes from his former team in Japan at 5 Years $125 Million+…

As such it appears Tanaka is leaving.

That’s it for now. I will say this though… Stay very alert after DJ LeMahieu’s deal is done within the next few days as other Yankees moves will not take long at that point!








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