Horse Racing Forever Tarnished by Bob Baffert!

Many years ago when I started watching horse racing, learned about Seattle Slew and Affirmed and how rare it is to see a triple crown winner, I so wanted to see a triple crown winner. We hadn’t seen one in years BUT…

Then came the year 2015 and American Pharaoh and then 2018 with Justify and I had finally seen one.

I still remember in 2015 how excited I was to see the near 30 year drought end. I love it! It made me want more and so did Justify BUT…

Now here we are knowing the trainer of both horses is an out and out cheater!

This is not the 1st time either… Its now confirmed BOTH American Pharaoh and Justify did as well…

Just read THIS article about it from NBC news.

Now… The so called “Hall of Fame”, “Legendary Trainer” (MOCJERY TO THE TERMS WE NOW KNOW) Bob Baffert is suspended from Triple crown racing perminantly.


If you think this is just temporary you are brain dead! This is only the beginning!

Bob Baffert is heading for a prison term. A VERY LONG ONE!

He has put a stain on horse racing that may never lift…

Seattle Slew, Affirmed, Secretariat (YES A REAL HORSE), ECT all are rolling over in their graves!

Horse racing is a beautiful sport that doesn’t need rigging like this to work. Eleven horses have shown such in the past.

Jim Fitzsimmons remains the ONLY multiple time Triple Crown Winner in my book!

Here’s a complete list of real triple crown winners (NOTE: Horses names in bold):

  1. The 1st ever in 1919: Sir Barton
  2. 14 years later in 1930:  Gallant Fox
  3. 1935 Omaha wins it all.
  4. War Admiral wins everything in 1937
  5. Whirleaway Takes it all in 1941
  6. Count Fleet wins everything in 1943
  7. Assault wins them all in 1946
  8. Everything goes Citations way in 1948
  9. It would be 25 years before Secretariat stuns everyone in 1973
  10. Seattle Slew slays them all in 1977
  11. The last, legit winner, is Affirmed in 1988 capping the only time there were Triple Crown winner in back to back years

Then came the 2, as we know now, blatantly rigged ones about to get stripped! Take a look as China and the Middle East are all over them:

Yikes… A little more has been explained! It goes deeper then just Bob Baffert…

So what happens from here? How does horse racing move on?

So impossible to say! The lifetime bans on Bob Baffert is the start!

The best way is everyone move on without Baffert, AND without ANY Bob Baffert trained to touched horses. Even ban owners, Jockey’s, etc. that knew or were involved in anyway!

The time to move on for horse racing is now! The time to mend destroyed bridges is now!







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