Yankees Season Screwed to a end by BLATANT CHEATING UMPIRES! What do the Yankees do now?

So the umpires just screwed the Yankees out of the post season in the most blatantly rigged series in MLB history! Yankees sweep it if not for the umpires blatantly rigging it!

If the Yankees are going to struggle, now is the time - Pinstripe Alley

The rigging was this:

The Yankees hitters in this series had 297 pitches OUTSIDE THE ZONE called strikes on them NO TEAM CAN HIT WITH THIS CHATING GOIG ON!

The Rays on the other hand just 13 ALL SERIES!

The Yankees pitchers have 311 pitches IN THE ZOZNE called balls this series.

The Rays pitches 6. SIX!

Talk about blatant rigging!

What do the Yankees do now? Make several moves! Here’s my list of the must make moves:

RHP Trevor Bauer:

The Yankees 100% HAVE TO SIGN HIM ASAP in FA! No choice in the matter! They desperately need the #2 in the rotation!

SS Francisco Lindor:

As I mentioned in my earlier article, Torres has blatantly forced the Yankees hand. They literally have no choice but to trade for Francisco Lindor ASAP! Even if it costs them Torres.

The Yankees also desperately, DESPERATELY need his left handed power to balance out the lineup!

RHP Liam Hendricks:

The Yankees have to address the bullpen issues. Hendricks is a must sign!

OF Brett Gardner:

LET HIM WALK! KICK HIM OUT PERIOD! Get rig of this cancer ASAP!

LHP J.A. Happ:

LET HIM WALK! KICK HIM OUT PERIOD! Get rig of this cancer ASAP!

Catcher Gary Sanchez:

Time to move on unless he shows major, MAJOR imporrovent ASAP! I would trade him ASAP in a package for Hader or Lindor.

RHP Masahiro Tanaka:

There’s going to be a major bidding war here. Don’t get into it. Offer a team friendly deal and then walk away when the bidding gets to high.

LHP James Paxton:

Resign him if the cost is low. Like $5 Million per MAX! I see no chance of this so run away from him!

LHP Josh Hader:

The Yankees absolutely have to do whatever it takes to get him! The Yankees have to lengthen the bullpen at all costs! Use your farm and make this upgrade!

OF Michael Brantley:

The Yankees must at least think about this one. They absolutely need the balance with his lefty power bat and another high average hitter to help set the table!

Catcher J.T. Realmuto:

The Yankees have to at least think about this one! Sanchez has never been worse then right now and the 32 year old Kyle Higashioka is not a long term answer!

Its believed a 6 year $120 Million deal would land Realmuto. DO IT YANKEES!! Then throw Sanchez in a trade package!

Matt Blake:

FIRE THIS BUM ASAP! Then sign David Cone to replace him! Blake is one of and if not the greats flop of a signing in Yankees history! HE MUST GO ASAP!

Marcus Thames:

FIRE HIM ASAP! Find a real hitting coach! Thames proved he cannot do it and is worthless!

Who would I sign as batting coach: CHILI DAVIS! He’s an amazing hitting coach!

LHP Robbie Ray:

The Yankees absolutely must kick the tires here. He could be an absolutely great get! They have been after him for years now! I think they do finally land him in FA for a deal in the 5 Year $60 Million area.

Next Years Lineup:

No moving on to what the roster should look like next year.

Lets start with the batting order:

It had better look something like this:

  1. 2B DJ LeMahieu
  2. LF Michael Brantley
  3. RF Aaron Judge
  4. DH Giancarlo Stanton
  5. SS Francisco Lindor
  6. C J.T. Realmuto
  7. 1B Luke Voit
  8. 3B Gio Urshela
  9. CF Aaron Hicks

Changes absolutely must be made HERE! As I suggested far more quality players at certain positions.

Next Years Rotation:

Had better look like this:

  1. RHP Garrit Cole
  2. RHP Trevor Bauer
  3. LHP Robbie Ray
  4. RHP Deivi Garcia
  5. RHP Clarke Schmidt

This is an absolute must! A better rotation has to happen ASAP! Enough laying around!

The Bench next year:

  1. C Kyle Higashioka
  2. 1B Mike Ford
  3. OF Clint Frazier
  4. INF Gleyber Torres

Something along these lines is a absolute must. I can see a cheap SS like Addison Russel or Didi(Depending on his price tag), Andrelton Simmons, Freddy Galvis, or Adeiny Hechavarria on the bench as well.

The Bullpen:

  1. CP: LHP Josh Hader
  2. SU1: RHP Liam Hendricks
  3. SU2: LHP Aroldis Chapman
  4. MR1: RHP Chad Green
  5. MR2: LHP Zack Britton
  6. MR3: RHP Adam Ottavino
  7. LR1: RHP Johnathan Loaisiga
  8. LR2: LHP Jordan Montgomery


Major, MAJOR changes absolutely must be made this offseason! The Yankees literally have no choice.

Remember the Yankees have $118.8 Million($103 once DJ is resigned!) coming off the books this offseason so they have lots of $$ to play with!

Also this early playoff exit forces the Yankees hands as well. Its a good thing on that side despite the blatant cheating that forced it!









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