Jon Morosi Confirms What I Have Been Reporting for Over a Month Now

So Jon Morosi one of the most accurate reporters in the game has confirmed my reports I did over the last month+ that Cashman is looking for LH power bats like crazy right now.

Yet again my report gets confirmed no matter how many guys like Jomboy, JozeMcFly, Julian Gularte, ETC refuted it in vain!

So the question then must be what left handed bats are the Yankees looking at and what positions could they possibly add them at?

Fist lets talk about the positions the Yankees could look at LH bats for. They are the following:

  1. CF
  2. LF
  3. 1B
  4. SS

Several positions. Sanchez is heating up very fats batting well over .200 and showing power again so cross off catcher.

The easiest is OF and thus the Yankees main target per reports and what I was told is Joey Gallo. A player that plays everywhere in the OF, 1B, and 3B. Perfect fit there. Just imagine a 2-3-4 of Stanton-Gallo-Judge… WOWZA!

Other OF options are the following IN ORDER OF MOST LIKELY to least likely and bare in mind Gallo is by far the most likely OF addition per reports:

  1. Joey Gallo
  2. Joc Pederson
  3. Andrew Benintendi
  4. Gregory Polanco
  5. Parker Meadows
  6. Charlie Blackman
  7. David Peralta
  8. Christian Yelich (I only include him as the Brewers are having internal discussions about trading him.)
  9. Surprise we do not see coming.
  10. A few more

At 1B Anthony Rizzo and Ryan McMahon come to mind instantly.

Remember the Yankees have been in constant contact with the Cubs so they know Rizzo’s price tag now. The also know the price tag on Joc Pederson. Keep this in mind.

Ryan McMahon would come only in a trade with Story from what I can tell. Same with Charlie Blackman.

As for SS there’s no real options with Lindor off the board and no chance the Dodgers deal Seager.

At 3B there is a very intriguing option. Mike Moustakas of the Reds. Say a package deal including Luis Castillo anyone? Now I have no word of any such talks going on right now but it makes sense. Especially with Castillo having a pretty bad year.

Also keep in mind the Yankees do have ways of offsetting cap hits and getting teams like the Cubs to eat salary to facilitate these trades:

The Yankees are also said to be willing to approached the 2nd threshold at $232 Million to get the right lefty power bats to balance out the lineup.

If I had to guess I feel the Yankees add Joey Gallo and then either Anthony Rizzo or Charlie Blackmon.

Their teams are where the Yankees trade talks are the strongest.

Be alert now that we know its only a matter of whom the Yankees are trading for and not if. Also the belief is the Yankees could make trade’s at any point from now till the trade deadline!




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