Making Sense of the Yankees Bizarre Offseason. THE YANKEES WILL SPEND!

The Yankees offseason this year makes no sense at all. There’s so many different rumors abounding. Nothing seems to make any sense!

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1st there were rumors the Yankees would not spend and only wanted DJ back. CASHMAN EMPHATICALLY DESTROYED THESE LIES! Take a look:

There are 5 tams over $210 Million 1st tax threshold topped by the Dodgers at $233.7 Million so… Yeah the Yankees have to spend big to have the top payroll.

Then there were rumors the Yankees will do nothing after resigning DJ LeMahieu! Cashman has also destroyed these fake rumors:

HUH???? keeping in mind the only commitments that can effect payroll by rule is adding players, this literally can only mean the Yankees have SEVERAL moves set up waiting only for DJ to sign!

I would wager an educated guess that the Francisco Lindor trade simply has to be one of them! Also a Trevor Bauer signing.

Also Dan Federico is the 2nd known reported already to emphasize the Yankees will spend. Can we stop that lie now?

Now getting back to it… Then there were numerous reports the Yankees would not be after ACE RHP Trevor Bauer BUT… Bauer himself confirmed the talks:

Yes Bauer himself confirmed the Yankees are 100% in the talks with Bauer!

I simply cannot believe Trevor Bauer who has been working all out to join the Yankees for years would play a game with Yankees fans like this!


Notice the verbiage ‘LOOKING AT ALL ANGLES’? That means the Yankees are 100% IN ON BAUER! Not that they will sign but that they are 100% trying for him!

As this point, I have to believe everything being put out is a game by Hal Stienbrenner and Brian Cashman to keep demands low and get the players and trades they want for as Cheap as possible!

It is literally the only thing that makes any sense! There’s just way, WAY to many proven lies!

I remember the few other times this ‘no spending’ lies was put out about the Yankees, YET… the Yankees did in fact spend those offseason’s.

Furthermore I just cannot get over the fact literally everything reporters are saying is being emphatically refuted by Cashman and the Yankees.

The reporters and sports sites even have the Yankees payroll situation off.

The Yankees ended last year with a payroll of $248.8 Million(Penalties took it to $265 Million), yet they dropped the following contracts:

  1. Masahiro Tanaka – $23 Million
  2. Jacoby Ellsbury – $22.5 Million
  3. J.A. Happ – $17.5 Million
  4. Brett Gardner – $13 Million
  5. James Paxton – $13 Million
  6. D.J. LeMahieu – $12.5 Million
  7. AROD(HIS FINAL PAYMENT) – $5 Million
  8. Johnathan Holder – $5 Million tax hit
  9. Erik Kratz – $1.5 Million
  10. Josh Thole – $1.5 Million
  11. Tommy Kahnle – $5.5 Million
  12. Tommy Malone – $1.5 Million
  13. Jordy Mercer – $2 Million
  14. Dan Otero $1.5 Million
  15. 8 other FA’s totaling $13.5 Million more

Dropping the payroll a total of $133.5 Million. That’s what has fallen off the books from last year’s payroll including 3 large contracts!

That lowers the Yankees payroll to $115.8 Million.

Add in Arbitration and such for 2021 and it only moves to just over $150 Million.

Subtract over $2 Million from Sanchez expected $2.5 Arbitration raise as he is only going to get about $250,000 max after his terrible play and it drops to right about $145.8 Million.

The Yankees have tons of $$ to play with! Where are the lies coming from? I have heard 5 different payrolls for the Yankees and none fit the simple math!

If they were really strapped for Cash(WHICH THEY ARE NOT), The Yankees could simply trade Adam Ottavino and Aaron Hicks really easily and drop over $25 Million more.

HOWEVER… Even with expected bonuses added, it actually stays just UNDER $150 Million.

As such… What on earth are we supposed to believe about the Yankees. payroll and spending plans?

If they media and its reporters and throwing fake #’s around about the Yankees payroll and plans what is actually true?

I personally have to go back to the fact the Yankees are FAMEOUS for operating in silence. They make moves without it being known. This simply has to be the case this time around.

To me the silence around Trevor Bauer and the Lindor talks is screaming loud and clear. It should scream at you as well.

The Yankees and working on a carefully laid out plan! We don’t know what it is but the signs 100% point towards Francisco Lindor and Trevor Bauer to the Bronx as part of it. Its to silent around them. WAY TO SILENT!

Also the Indians have paused trade talks around Francisco Lindor so the Yankees can join the talks AFTER DJ signs.

Remember Yankees GM Brian Cashman EMPHASIZED LH power hitting and pitching as area’s he was going to address. Francisco Lindor and Trevor Bauer meet these needs!

What else? I would be shocked if Cashman does not sign Kyle Schwarber and a relief pitcher or 2. Just the feel of things. To many good ones available and they fit what Cashman has said.

I also would not be in the least bit be surprised if the Yankees get RHP Carlos Carrasco or RHP Zach Plesac with Francisco Lindor.

What ever the Yankees REAL PLAN is, its blatantly obvious no baseball reporter has a clue what the Yankees are really doing! Even industry sources have gone completely silent on the Yankees.

This being said… My advice? Lets stay patient and see how things play out.

If Hal Stienbrenner does indeed again tie Cashman’s hands, then he has forced himself to sell the team. He’ll leave himself with no choice! He will have started a all out war of Yankees fans against him!

I will speak for al Yankees fans in saying to Hal: GROW SOME CANHOONIES AND MAKE THE RIGHT MOVES HAL! Stop the lie of losing $$ and the Yew Network revenue gave you 4 times what you made last year alone.









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