The MLB’s Arbitration System Must Go ASAP!

Every time I turn around I find another thing about Baseball THAT HAS TO BE FIXED OR COMPLETELY REMVOED ASAP! This time its Arbitration. Here’s how to fix it!

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Arbitration is a complete mess and only pushing baseball towards a lockout due to how rigged the system is! Watch this if you don’t believe me:

Andrea absolutely nails this and exposes the major issues at play here!

I hate the Rays and their cheating ways BUT… The MLB used technicalities to screw good pitcher out of rightfully earned $$$!

This is one of hundreds of such cases!

THIS HAS TO BE FIXED ASAP! A complete overhaul is easy and will end this evil, rigged process once and for all!

1st throw out the arbitration system completely. Do away with that rigged crap once and for all and for good!

2nd make it a flat rate $$ per year raise from $1 Million for 1st full year in the BIGS, and a $1 Million per year raise to $7 Million for the last year before FA or until extension is signed.

Its so simple.

By doing this you remove a major flaw in the game. Stop something that causes major, MAJOR rifts and all out fights between players and the league, and will stop said rifts fights before they happen!

Its a way to get ahead of the game!








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