The King Source’s Sports Algorithm and How It Works.

Many have asked so I am drawing this article up to describe my Sports Algorithm and how it works for the different Sports.

To start, its based of what I call +Referee Effect, +Umpire Effect, and +Officials Effect on games. It’s a common sense and mathematical formula to calculate the effects on games by those officiate/umpiring/reffing them.

For the NFL/NCAA Football:

Say a Penalty, that never happened but was called for some reason, knocks a team out of scoring position, you look at the down, and whether you think a TD or FG is most likely.

Say it was a 3rd down you lean FG and grant the defensive team a +3 +Officials Effect. IF its 1st or 2nd down you grant the defensive team 7 points +Officials Effect. You can change this based on how it turned out as well and grant the then scored +7 or +3 +Officials Effect on the offensive team.

Scenario 2: Say a team is on the verge of a TD but a PHANTOM Penalty (A penalty called that did not actually happen and cannot be found on replay) knocks a team back and they settle for a FG. That’s +4 referee effect to the defensive teams side.

Say a team was stopped on 4th down and had to punt. A phantom foul is called and they are awarded a 1st down. If they then score a FG you give them a +3 +Officials Effect. If they score a TD +7 +Officials Effect.

Say they were going to settle for a FG, and then get awarded 1st down via phantom penalty, and then score a TD, Then its +7 +Officials Effect to their side.

Any call OR NO CALL that then later affects the score board at any point later on is calculated into this.

All football refs know that perfectly called penalties either end drives or force TD’s… This is common knowledge among refs.

Once these are calculated if the +Officials Effect is higher then the final game score, you then know the refs rigged the game. YES THEY VERY MUCH CAN, AND THEY VERY MUCH DO SUCH RIGGING THIS ON PURPOSE!

Once you calculate all these games that were rigged you can remodel the league standings to reflect games without +Officials Effect. You can then tell and calculate who the real champions would be.

For the NBA/NCAA Basketball:

This one is a bit more complicated as AT MINIMUM of 10 times the calls are made as football.

For this one you look at calls that directly effected the scoreboard. There can be 2+, or 3+ calls per possession.

I will use the BYU C Matt Haarms against UCLA example. Matt Haarms drove to the hoop and SCORED while getting flat out mugged. No call and thus as Haarms is a 84% free throw shooter, +3 to UCLA’s +Referee Effect. This quickly turned into +6 +Referee Effect as on the assuming possession while BYU was distracted yelling at the refs and such UCLA got an easy 3 pointer. Thus +6 to UCLA’s +Referee Effect.

On the reverse if a bucket is counted on a bad call or no call you give the bucket plus ANY assuming free throws to the +Referee Effect on the offensive team.

Take the almost always miscalled block/charge calls in the NBA and NCAA. They literally always have a +Referee Effect on every call one way of the other.

For example on this one, about 2 weeks ago as the Utah Jazz were playing the 76ers, A 100% Phantom offensive foul was called on Utah Jazz forward Derrick Favors within the last minute of the game. It cost the Jazz a 3 pointer by Jazz Guard Jordan Clarkson. This also resulted in a 76ers basket and Illegally forcing the game into OT. The 76ers went onto ILLEGALLY win the game in OT based off this one call, +11 +Referee Effect and subsequent calls.

That’s the power of +Referee Effect.

Also in this same game Jazz G Royce O’Neale was called for going OUT-OF-BOUNDS while saving the ball when replay CLEARLY SHOWED HE WAS NOT CLOSE TO OUT OF BOUNDS ON SAID PLAY, with about 23 seconds left. It would’ve been Jazz ball up 3 with free throws coming. Guaranteed Jazz win BUT… The refs ON PUROSE rigged the game by calling O’Neale for going out-of-bounds AGAIN WHEN IT WAS PROVEN HE DID NOT!

The refs literally threw the game MORE THEN ONCE…

This is merely a few of NUMERIOUS GAME EXAMPLES out of literally thousands I could give you.

FYI: The over all +Referee Effect was +47 in the 76ers favor. I could’ve moved it one way or another based over several ticky tacky calls as well but never lower then +39 in the 76ers favor thus that is the official +Referee Effect.

Phantom calls happen in the NBA and always have a +Referee Effect on games. All NBA and basketball refs know without a doubt the effect one call can have the on the scores of a game. Yes again its common knowledge among refs.

Once the +Referee Effect hits +10 to either team you know the refs have rigged the game. You calculate this different then the NFL or MLB as calls hold far, FAR more weight in the NBA then NFL or MLB due to how many there are and how different they are.

Once you calculate all these games that were rigged you can remodel the league standings to reflect games without +Referee Effect. You can then tell and calculate who the real champions would be.

For the MLB/NCAA Baseball:

You calculate this based of safe/out calls that were wrongly called and ball/strike calls wrong called. Again a different way to calculate it. The sports is far different then the other so he rest of the game has to be calculated in.

Example. Take the 2015 AL Wild Card Game in Yankee Stadium. In the bottom of the 2nd inning, the Yankees had 4 batters come to the plate. 2 called on on strikes, 1 grounded out, and a single. ALL THREE who got out took a 3 ball count (3-0, 3-1, or 3-2) pitch IN THE ZONE for called strikes.

Knowing this we can EASILY surmise the Yankees IF CALLED RIGHT and no umpire affect involved, would’ve taken a 1-0 lead and HAD the bases loaded with ZERO outs.

Knowing that teams average 2.5 runs cored per inning with that bases loaded no out jam (PER MLB OFFICIAL STATS ON, we can calculate a +3.5 to the Astros +Umpire Effect. As such knowing the final was 3-0 that alone tells us the game was rigged by the umpires.

For another example, take the 2017 World Series game 5, LA Dodgers ACE LHP Clayton Kershaw has thrown 3 scoreless and has a 4-0 lead, In the bottom of the 4th when 3, THREE straight Astros hitters take 2 strike (0-2, 1-2, 2-2, or 3-2) pitches IN THE ZONE for balls. This ended up forcing a 4 run inning.

Where the outs worked out and where they batted in the inning, allowed me to calculate a +3 +Umpire Effect to the Astros.

The same exact thing in the next inning after the Dodgers retook the lead and gave Kershaw a 7-4 lead to work with.

That’s now a total of +6 +Umpire Effect for the Dodgers in a game that ended 12-11 in 10 innings. Proof it was 100% rigged!

Dodgers win the world series without this rigging FYI.

This is an example of one inning effecting the rest of the game. Kershaw has a EASY 7-1 lead and EXTREMELY easy game 5 win if not for the this +Umpire Effect rigging.

There’s a few, again of literally thousands of examples I could give where the umpires decided the scores of games and thus post season not the play of the players as it should be.

All umpires know perfectly the effects one bad strike/ball call has on games and the inning at hand.

You calculate the MLB +Umpire Effect based off how literally every BAD safe/out or strike/ball call effect the in a game at the time it happens and the effects on the game the rest of the way.

To tell out if a game MLB/NCAA/General baseball game has been rigged, is when the game has been altered by the umpires call(s) to the point it changed the outcome. Some time teams out play this but most of the time they cannot.

Once you calculate this you can then again alter the MLB standings to reflect the non +Umpire Effect standings and the real champions.


Its so blatantly obvious how the NBA. MLB, NFL, NCAA, etc. are completely controlling and rigging games.

The Refs/Umpires/Officials know exactly what they are doing and the affects they have on games.

This is as in depth a look at this multi facet algorithm as I can give you. I hope you enjoyed it!

This is how I calculate the real winner of games and league champions.

BY: ADAM KING The King Source



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