BREAKING: Yankees OF Brett Gardner to Get Suspended for PEDS USAGE!

I am not trying for clicks with this. I wrestled with my self about posting it at all. I would never write something about a Yankees player no matter how much I hated said player unless true! That said…

The Yankees OF Brett Gardner, the cancer to the team, is about to make things a whole lot worse!

So a few weeks ag a source in the MLB head quarters told me for the 1st time about this and that this investigation started with his unnatural power spike in his huge 2017 through 2020 (I have included 2020 as he projected over a full season to 26 HR’s.) seasons where is inhumanly shot from 13 HR’s per year to 23 per year.

These late career spikes just don’t happen and let alone for slap hitters like Gardner.

Remember several slap hitters have already been suspended for PEDS when trying to use them to increase power.

Here’s when I was 1st notified:

I continued to talk with this source and get more info. I was told its coming very soon.

The source said right after Gardner’s 2017 season when he hit 26 Home Runs out of nowhere, the MLB started looking at him. Investigating him. Then after his 2019 ramped it up then when his 2020 projected out to over 20 HR’s again the MLB started the suspension process.

I don’t het know when everything will go down. No one does.

The latest info I have right now is there’s tons and tons of behind the scenes work going on right now about this situation. The MLB may be trying to protect Gardner as said in that message to the point they may have forced the Yankees to keep resigning him when they were done with him after the 2019 season.

My sources are currently digging up more info here and trying to figure out when the bomb on Brett Gardner will drop and end his career.

For those wondering… When I asked I was emphatically told it does not involve any other Yankees players:

If it involves any other players they are not Yankees players.

As for other teams players a tops in the game reporter who asked to be unnamed in this article but agreed to let me include this told me this(I will not use a photo of the message at said reporters request):

“Only Gardner from what I have heard. Be careful how soon you post this! A suspension is definitely coming. The Yankees knew this since the end of 2019 and tried to move on from Gardner but the MLB forced the resigning’s. Not connected to any other player! Again be careful with this story!”

I did some research and the last time a player did this negotiation before a PEDS suspension was A-Rod, also with the Yankees oddly enough, and he still got a full season suspension and such HOWEVER the MLB gave A-Rod a stage for an apology and such and no one really remembers now.

A-ROD never actually took Steroids he took HGH. Gardner has tested positive for actual steroids though per MLB sources.

I am not looking for anything from this story but to spread the word about a cancer to the Yankees that is only making things worse.

Just be aware and don’t be surprise when the MLB drops the hammer on Brett Gardner.








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