MLB FREE AGENCY HAS ARRIEVED AT LAST! What to Expect and Expect From the Yankees:

As we move into FA in a few minutes here’s what to expect the Yankees to do.

New York Yankees: A look at 2021 free agency

1st lets start with the fact its going to be a slow start to FA according to industry sources. They expect teams to wait tot see the final luxury tax # and revenue #’s before doing anything.

The low revenue’s has changed a ton of teams plans. Also really helps out the Yankees. Say patient my friends.

That being said DJ LeMahieu’s deal is already in place per industry sources within the Yankees organization. Literally every top reporter says they will be stunned if he does not stay in NY!

Let me be clear! DJ LeMahieu is not going anywhere!

As for the starting pitching we got this from Ken Rosenthal today:


I too was told not to expect Bauer BUT… The Yankees are 100% going to talk to him. They could sign him but I am 50/50 on it right now.

Yes LHP James Paxton and LHP J.A. Happ are gone. See yah. Find a new place to play. Also its believed RHP Masahiro Tanaka is returning to Japan and his former team the Rakuten Golden Eagles.

As such that leaves gaping holes in the Yankees rotation. How will the Yankees fill them?

Well we can eliminate both RHP Marcus Stroman, and RHP Kevin Gausman. They both received QO’s.

The Yankees will not even talk to them now. They are out.

RHP Corey Kluber is one I expect to happen. Just reeks of a classic Cashman move. 1 to 3 years for $10-$12.5 Million per makes sense here.

I see no chance the Yankees get RHP Joe Musgrove from the Pirates. They are not making the Tyler Glasnow mistake again.

Also I have been told as have others, including my friend Pete Simonetti, the Simonetti Source, to keep close eyes on BOTH RHP Carlos Carrasco(Indians), and LHP Brandon Woodruff(Brewers).

They both make sense and could be part of packages the Yankees acquire via the trade market.

For RHP Carlos Carrasco bear in mind the Yankees are 100% going to get Lindor. now 11 top baseball reporters are fully expecting it. Thus Carrasco can be in the deal.

I hear a rumbling the Yankees will offer the Indians this type of deal:

Yankees Get: SS Francisco Lindor, RHP Carlos Carrasco

Indians Get: OF Aaron Hicks, 1B Chris Gittens, RHP Adam Ottavino, RHP Deivi Garcia, and INF Anthony Volpe

Makes perfect sense on both sides and $$ wise. Keep a very close eye on this.

As for Brandon Woodruff, again keep in min the Yankees will again pursue LHP Josh Hader via trade. A Brandon Woodruff and Josh Hader package makes all the sense in the world.

It would look like like this according to industry sources:

Yankees Get: LHP Josh Hader, LHP Brandon Woodruff

Brewers Get: RHP Miguel Yajure, C Gary Sanchez, INF/OF Miguel Andujar

Again makes perfect sense for both teams.

Obviously these trades would leave wholes to be filled in the lineup at C, 1B, and CF.

The Rumblings are the Yankees will turn around and sign Joc Pederson, Yadier Molina(Or trade for Salvador Peres), and get a utility INF.

As for 1B DJ moves there or there could be a very, VERY juicy trade setting up there that will send a shock wave around the game. I have been asked not to talk about so I will leave it at that!

The Yankees are going to make moves but keep it smart. Again stay patient my friends.

Get ready Yankees fans as this will be a fun and exciting next few months in Yankees land!








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