Digesting USC and UCLA’s BOLD Move and the Ramifications on the PAC12.

Today the news broke that USC and UCLA are working on a deal to defect from the PAC 12 and join the BIG 10. This news is no surprise but guts the PAC 12 and its remaining members.

So what does this mean?

For the ACC nothing as they can’t poach PAC 12 teams for Geographic reasons.


Yes Oregon and Washington knew this was coming. They are following them is the epxectation.

So where does this leave, Utah, Oregon State, Arizona, Arizona State, Stanford, Cal, and WSU?

Cal, Stanford, Arizona, and ASU are guaranteed spots in the BIG 12 if they want.

That said if the remaining 8 PAC 12 teams are smart they merge with the BIG 12 ASAP thus solidifying it as the new premier power conference.

However you spell it the PAC 12 is walking dead. AS such… The heads of the PAC 12 would be smart to work on this merger.

As Greg Swaim says:

The PAC 12 just died and the BIG 12 just got the chance it was waiting for the solidify itself with the power conferences.

Here’s what I epxect:

Oregon and Washington are fully expected to follow the LA schools to the BIG 10. Then Stanford, Cal, Arizona, and ASU are expected to bolt to the BIG 12. The remaining PAC 12 schools may be left with nothing else but to join the MWC.

Some are saying the move to the B1G is done. I was told this as well.

Unprecedented change for the PAC 12 and his inevitable collapse. The BIG 12 already took the schools it could have fixed itself with.

As Brett McMurphy put it:

USC and UCLA’s move to the B1G basically done. So is the PAC 12.

The BIG 12 higher ups are smiling form ear to ear as they plan their poaching!


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