Injury Prone Players Pleaguing and Hurting Baseball? Or hiding… PEDS SUSPENSIONS WITH FAKE INJURIES?

As we move into another season of baseball in 2022, the question must be asked, are injury prone pleayers pleaguing the game? Are they hurting the game or just hiding PEDS SUSPENSIONS with fake injuries? Lets discuss this!

I was told just a few days ago by an MLB EXEC the Phillies are backing out of trade talks with the Padres around Tatis DUE TO his injnury history. Also that the Braves and Padres were in talks about pontentially swapping injury brone guys in Acuna and Tatis.

These aren’t the only oft injured players either. Take Aaron Hicks of the Yankees, Jayson Heyward of the Cubs, Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers, Jake DeGreom of the Mets and so many more for example.

Is this good for baseball? NO WAY!

Same with the plethera (50+) of TJ (TOMMY JOHN Surgery DUE TO UCL TEAR) injuries every year! Already over 25 this year alone though not many surgeries yet.

None of this is good for baseball at all! Not one bit!

What’s the cuase? MULTIPLE THINGS!

1st I must mention, as the photo at the top of the article shows over 25% on injuries are mere flukes due to cercomstances!

Now we have to bear in mind we are dealing with young kids still under 30 here who tend to be reckless. Most guys don’t mature and slow down and be more careful till their mid 30’s. I am one thus I know 1st hand!

This reckless attitude puts players in comprimised positions and causes injuries.

Another part is, up until 2010 there was no more then 5, FIVE pitchers IN ALL OF BASEBALL who could throw 95+ MPH. ITS NOT NATURAL! Its a 1 in 1000 thing. THERE’S A REASON RODGER CLEMENS WAS CALLED “THE ROCKET”! HOWEVER… Now every pitcher is trying to throw as fast as he can. This puts extra stress on pitchers arms, shoulders, etc.


Take Mets “ACE” RHP Jake DeGrom for example, and as I mentioned in the following vid, forces almost every pitch to get max fastball speed causing himself to get continually hurt. AS MOST PITCHERS DO!

There’s a reason pitchers are getting hurt by the dozens. UNNATURAL, FORIEGN SUBSTENCE, PEDS, FORCED FB speeds, ETC.! YES CHEATING!

The other issue with pitchers is trying for their top FB speeds LATE IN GAMES! That is emphatic set up for arm and shoulder blow outs!

Now with all these absurd amounts muscle injuries, its a different story. Back in the 90’s they were a KNOWN PED causes issue ONLY. Now its brushed under the rug as pulls, tears, etc. and minor to major IL stints.

So could a player like Aaron Hicks be using PEDS? He is a body builder so incredibly likely.

BIG G (Giancarlo Stanton)? Likely… While he is well built and such he does show signs of PEDS and the bizarre muscle injuries linked to PEDS.

Aaron Judge? NO WAY! Just a very big guy who will get injuries due to his size.

Clayton Kershaw? Doesn’t body build so no chance! No FB speed spike either and no unatural FB speed at all for that matter.

Jake DeGrom? How else does he get that FB speed? Also his plethera of injuries is another sign of rampant PEDS usage as the body breaks down due to PEDS!

ETC. ETC. ETC. I could list numerioius players here but I digress.

Now very early into the 2022 season we have already seen numerious injuries pop up. A few are flukes but most raise questions. Just click the link below to see:


Injuries will always happen BUT… WAY, WAY, WAY to many make no sense at all unless faked as cover up for PED/CHEATING suspensions! Just look at the afore mentioned list. That’s already 274+ THIS YEAR ALONE! A literally IMPOSSIBLE amount this early!

So what is causiing all of thgese injuries/illnesses?

Here’s a clue I got yesterday:

YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! Most MLB execs believe the MLB and the LA Angels blatantly faked an injury to hide Mike Trout’s PEDS suspension.

Is this happenig more then we think? I believe so! Take Giancarlo Stanton, a believed obvious steroid user contsantly getting hurt. Or Hicks another blatant steroid user.

Remember when the MLB was suspending over 50 players per year then all of a sudden POOF 95%+ were gone? The MLB announced QUIETLY there were new PEDS they could not test for! So quiet I can’t even find the announcement for this anymore.

I was able to find this though: 

NOTICE THERE ARE NEW UNDETECTIBLE PEDS OUT THERE! Then all of a suddenthis year a major rash of PEDS SUSPENSIONS that will not end any time soon!

Has the MLB silently found them and been supending using BLATANTLY FAKE INJURIES? This must be asked…

We may never know all the answers here but bear in mind the PEDS issue in sports never went away! Players just got more clever…





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