The King Source MLB Power Rankings for MLB WEEK 2

Its time for my week 2 of  the 2021 season MLB Power Rankings. We start from #1 and roll to #30. Lets get started!

  #1: Philadelphia Phillies:

Off to a very hot start. They get a quick spike i the Rankings, Can they hold it?

Phillies Previous Ranking: #9

  #2: L.A. Dodgers:

The NL’s best team though by a slim margin. Bauer’s Impact already being seen. 2 good starts but is a suspension coming? The team is playing great none the less.

Dodgers previous ranking: #2

  #3: San Diego Padres:

By far the NL’s 2nd best team. They are meeting expectations thus far. Could this be the best ever Padres team? Lots of questions with no answer yet.

Padres Previous ranking: #3

  #4: New York Yankees:

A so so start. 5-5 entering today. They have added Odor who has been amazing thus far. Can they continue to pitch well?

Yankees Previous Ranking: #1

  #5: Minnesota Twins:

A good team coming back mostly intact and added some much needed pitching. Looking ok but can they hold the White Sox off? Nelson Cruz and his PEDS Are off to a hot start!

Twins previous Ranking: #5

  #6: Atlanta Braves:

The Braves are off to a slow start but wining games. They need tp get hot fast or they will tank down the rankings quickly.

Braves Previous Ranking: #6

  #7: Washington Nationals:

Off to a ok start and only getting better as they get healthy. No movement here.

Nats Previous Ranking: #7

  #8 Chicago Cubs:

Surprised? You should be. The Cubs pitching is far better then expected! They are on their wat to winning another NL Central Title.

Cubs previous Ranking: #8

  #9: Chicago White Sox:

The AL’s 2nd best team by the slimmest of margins over the Twins, A’s, and others. Or are they? Off to not so good a start. Can they hit their expectations and force their way to the playoffs? Lets see them prove it! They have not yet so they fall in the rankings.

White Sox Previous ranking: #4

#10: Toronto/Orlando/Buffalo Blue Jays: 

Springer not yet back. Not playing well and the [pitching is proving to be lacking. They are ready to slip down the rankings. Moved up one as other teams were that bad.

Blue Jays Previous Ranking: #11

#11: L.A. Angels:

A good team but not enough pitching. Off to a very good start. Can they keep it up? Can Otani keep paying well and avoid injuries? Lots of questions but good enough for a big jump up the rankings.

Angels Previous Ranking: #20

#12: New York Mets:

Off to a slow start and not looking good. The pitching has questions. The offense is nowhere near as good as hoped for. They are about to tumble if they don’t get going.

Mets Previous Ranking: #12

#13: Cincinnati Reds:

Off to a great start. Forcing the issue and winning games. They need to get and stay hot. Good jump up the rankings.

Reds Previous Ranking: #18

#14: Texas Rangers:

Moved up a bit due to a better then expected start from them. They traded away Odor and I soon expect them to tumble down the rankings.

Rangers Previous Record: #15

#15: Oakland A’s:

A poor start at best has them tumbling. They are starting to paly better though.

A’s Previous Ranking: #10

#16: Kansas City Royals: 

Off to a very good start! Proving they may be a wild card team. Can they keep it up?

Royals Previous Ranking: #16

#17: Miami Marlins:

Off to a good start. Good enough to hold pat in the rankings. Can they keep winning though?

Marlins Previous Ranking: #17

#18: St Louis Cardinals:

Nowhere near as good a team as thought. Arenado is a major boost. Not enough to really help. Falling down the rankings already.

Cardinals Previous Record: #14

#19: Boston Red Sox:

Playing far better then expected but just a fluke streak? They jump up the rankings for now so we’ll see.

Red Sox Previous Ranking: #28

#20: Cleveland Indians:

Not a good a start for the Indians of Cleveland as they wanted. Struggling everywhere. Will continue tanking in the rankings if they don’t start winning now. 5-4 yes but taking advantage of bad teams. They’ll continue to jump up with a great week this week.

Indians Previous Ranking: #24

#21: Houston Astros:

Astros winning more then expected. Not enough to prove its not a fluke start. Another good or better week and they’ll move up.

Astros Previous Ranking: #21

#22: Colorado Rockies:

Just a terrible, TERRIBLE team. They need to trade Story, Marques, Blackmon, ETC. before its to late. The tumble is imminent!

Rockies Previous Ranking: #19

#23: Tampa Bay DEVIL Rays:

Off to a terrible start despite taking 2 of 3 from the Yankees. Not a good team and getting exposed by the day.

Rays Previous Ranking: #23

#24: Baltimore Orioles:

A great start for such a terrible team. Do they have a true ACE in  Jon Means? We’ll see. They jump up the rankings for now.

Orioles Previous Ranking: #30

#25: Seattle Mariners: 

Bad start for a bad team. Gonna be a long year in Seattle.

Mariners Previous Ranking: #22

#26: Milwaukee Brewers: 

Of to a good start a thus they jump up a bit. A great chance to spike up the rankings with a great week this week.

Brewers Previous Ranking: #29

#27: Detroit Tigers:

A bad team off to a bad start. They are stuck down here for a bit longer.

Tigers Previous Ranking: #26

#28: Pittsburgh Pirates: 

A terrible team that self destructed all off season that is off to a horrendous start as expected.

Pirates Previous Ranking: #27

#29: San Francisco Giants:

Off to a better start then expected but all against bad teams thus the fall in the rankings.

Giants Previous Ranking: #25

#30: Arizona D-Backs:

Terrible, TERIBBLE start for this bad team. MadBum can’t pitch at all.

D-Backs Previous Ranking: #24


There you have it. The King Source’s week 2 of the 2021 season MLB Power Rankings. Will be updated every Monday as best I can. Moving right now so bare with me.








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