Jacob DeGrom ABSOLUTELY MUST Demand A Trade ASAP!

The New York Mets team is such a mess… Yoenis Cespedes just opted out without even telling the team.

Should The Mets Trade Jacob DeGrom? No--And They Shouldn't Trade ...

He literally just packed up and left…

Jed Lowrie’s career is over due to injuries…

Topping off the bad day for the Mets was the Mets suffering their 6th straight loss…

AS SUCH… Jacob DeGrom needs to take matters into his own hands and force his way off the Mets ASAP!

If the Mets were Smart they’d start calling teams and trade him for a HUUUGE haul…

DeGrom has no choice. He’s never winning anything in Queens.

The best case for DeGrom is going to the cross town rival Yankees or all the way across the country to the Dodgers.

The Yankees are a far better fit as they can offer a really good starter back for the Mets in RHP Domingo German.

The Yankees also have the far more loaded farm system then the Dodgers.

If this deal happens here’s my prediction:

Yankees get: RHP Jake DeGrom

Mets get: RHP Jake DeGrom, OF Brett Gardner, OF Trey AMburgey, RHP Miguel Yajure.

I would flat out love to see this and the Yankees could even throw LHP JA Happ into the deal and RHP Jonathan Holder.

My DeGrom PLEASE, PLEASE, I implore you to demand a trade from the mess that is the Mets! FOR YOUR OWN GOOD DEMAND A TRADE!








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