Who is Roderick Arias and Diego Benitez and Why Are the Yankees Locks to Sign Them?

News is breaking yesterday and today the Yankees are going to be signing 2 young INF’s by the names of Roderick Arias and Diego nBenitez. The question of many is who is he and why are the Yankees locks to sign him? Lets take a look!

Roderick Arias/ SS/ 2021 (Paulino Y Scheker) - YouTube

Roderick Arias (AIR-EE-AS) is a 5’11 201 pound middle infielder and still growing. He is a switch hitter with all kinds of power from both sides just like Yankees prospect Jasson Dominguez.

His closest comparison is Francisco Lindor though by the time he plays for the Yankees he’ll be bigger and stronger.

He projects to put up slash lines of around .300 BA/35+/HR’s,/120+RBI’s per year with amazing defensive skills.

He will easily be the 2nd most promising prospect in the Yankees system outside Jasson Dominguez. A sure fire 5 tool all star in the making just like DOminguez as well.

Diego Benitez is another switch hitting middle infielder with great tools though he may decide on only batting RIGHT handed. Still some few unknowns here.

He’s 6’3 and 231 pounds so on the larger end like dodgers SS Corey Seager his closest comparison. Could easily move to 3B with that size.

Will easily by a .280+BA/30+HR/110+RBI per year player once full developed and maybe 40+ HR per year…

2 very intriguing prospects BUT why are the Yankees locks for them? OH THAT’S A EASY ONE! Both are flat out refusing to talk to any team but the Yankees. They want to be Yankees and only Yankees.

Next year is going to be a MONSTER INTERNATIONAL FREEAGENT season for the Yankees. Get excited Yankees fans!








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