Take Aways From Chris Grier’s Presser Yesterday

Early yesterday Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier help a virtual presser as he does before the draft. Here’s some take aways and such:

Tua is 100% safe as the Dolphins starter! 

Tua is 100% the starter and not going anywhere!

The 49ers were extremely aggressive on getting the 3rd pick so the Dolphins jumped at it! 

The 49ers headed a pack of teams trying for the 3rd pick so the Dolphins jumped at the chance to gut them.

Speaking of the Dolphins 6th overall pick, the Dolphins are focused on certain guys! 

Pitts will be the pick at 6 if available is the belief around the game! DeVonta Smith otherwise.

When asked about trading back from 6 Grier gave an identical statement to last year when asked about the 5th pick. IE the Dolphins are not trading back! They are done trading!

They are not trading back from #6 period! Grier just ended that discussion!

Najee Harris is a major focus for the Dolphins and will be the pick at 18! Grier emphasized RB is his main focus outside a pass catcher and mentioned the senior bowl and what RB he met with HIMSELF without naming names. Here’s proof it was Najee Harris:

Its been known for a long time the Dolphins top focus was play makers for Tua! A RB at 18 is now 100% the pick!


The Dolphins have set their draft board. They have their focus and its WR/Pitts and then Harris in round one. After that the best fit. Get ready for a exciting draft in 8 days! I do expect a dolphins trade or 2 ONLY AFTER the 1st round.

The Dolphins yet again have a clear plan of attack for the Draft. Will be so fun and interesting to see how it plays out.








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