My Interview With Yankees OF Clint Frazier:

Clint Frazier was recently Named the Yankees starting LF. As such I decided to conduct an interview with the young Yankee star in the making and see what he feels about things. Here it is.

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This all started with this tweet:

His reps contacted me with this:

The questions were relayed from me through his agents to Frazier and back. Here’s the interview:

Question 1:

Me: So what do you feel about how the Yankees treated you through this whole Process?

Clint Frazier:

“It’s always hard bouncing back and forth between minors and majors especially when you feel like you belong. Luckily the Yankees stuck with me even when Yankees Twitter tried trading me in every trade I think most recently the Castillo nonsense. Last year I got the time to prove the player I’m capable of being and I don’t even feel as if I’ve scratched surface yet.”

Question 2:

ME: What do you feel about FINALLY being named the Yankees Starting LF as is 100% deserved?

Clint Frazier:

“Being named the Yankees starter is a relief but I’m not going to be satisfied with that. I want to be out there everyday and I’m still going with the mentality that nothing is guaranteed. It’s an honor to run out there everyday with the Yankee pinstripes and I’m going to continue to work and prove my worth out there between the lines.” 

Question 3:

Me: What do feel about the extension Fernando Tatis JR just got and how does it impact you and your contract negotiations moving forward?

Clint Frazier:

“Good for Tatis. The Padres felt they made a good deal and Tatis felt like he was getting one so if It works for both sides then good for them.

As far as my contract goes we’ll see when it comes to it but obviously I want to be a Yankee for life.”

Question 4:

Me: What are your goals now? To make the ALL Star team? ETC?

CLint Frazier:

“I think every year you set individual goals but those goals are always trumped by the team. I play for the name on the front and not on the back and I want to perform for a championship. I don’t do this to be named an all star.”

Question 5, 6, and 7 all about the team and team health:

Me: How far do you think this team can go and do you think they can stay healthy, and do you think the big guns like Stanton, Judge, ETC can stay healthy?

Clint Frazier:

“Everyone is healthy now obviously injuries pop up but as long as we maintain health, we got a got a great team that can beat anyone in this league.”

Question 8:

Me: How would you help a start up business such as my website as far as fund raising and growing?

Clint Frazier:

“As far as helping website just be real. Don’t make up stories. Don’t make up sources. You seen the media been wrong all off-season. Just don’t be one of those guys who claims to be in the know and not know anything.”

My Rebuttal: I am always this way! am learning more and more to double and triple check everything as Clint alluded too!

Question’s 9 and 10:

Me: How does your past help you be a better player now and how did it help you mentally?

Clint Frazier:

“I think being traded so early on in my career humbled me a bit. I think bouncing between pros and minors helped to get my mind right as well.”

I let him get back to ST preps and workouts at this point. He’s a great young kid with all the promise in the world of being a future star! Greta interview!

Bonus Info From Certified Sources:

“Adam, I’m not sure if you promoted these yet but for doing this I’ll let you know the Yankees did try offloading Stanton’s contract this season but Yankees were not willing to eat a large part of contract if moved so Stanton was never approached but obviously you didn’t hear from me.”

DO NOT ASK AS I WILL NOT SAY WHO GAVE HIM THIS LAST PART! They are private sources and will remain that way!

It was a great and very, VERY telling interview. He’s a great young player I will be rooting for his whole career!








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