The Jamal Adams Situation and How the Jets Fix It:

I have been doing a ton of thinking as more and more Jets fans demand the Jets finally just trade disgruntled star safety Jamal Adams.

Extension trends for 1st-round picks working against Jets' Jamal Adams

As I have I realized only 3 teams have the cvap space to even swing the tyrade without the Jets taking on a massive salary which they have refused to do. The DOlphins, Lions, and Giants respectively.

Of those opnly the Dolphins have the draft capital and veteran pieces to pull if off. IE: Eric Rowe and a plethora of draft picks.

The Dolphins however play in the same division as the Jets and as such the Jets have refused to this point to really talk with the Dolphins.

The Jets need to say ‘SCREW IT!’ and just swing the trade.

MNO the Dolphins will not trade 1st 3 round picks. Just not happening even for a player of Adams caliber.

Thus why Eric Row being in the deal is so huge as they Jets would get a player near the same caliber. NOt the same level but close enough there won’t be a major drop off.

Dolphins could also throw in Bobby McCain to give the Jets mopre of a veteran poresence.

Heck the DOlphins could even throw in RuDurham Smythe to give them a better TE. Dolphins have so many angle to apprioach here.

Here’s my predicted deal should it get done:

Dolphins get S Jamal Adams

Jets get: S Eric Rowe, CB Bobby McCain, A late round draft pick or 2.

Both teams win.

Jets just do it already. Enough with the games. Enough playing around. He’s never signing an extension.

The cowboys have nothing to trade with to get him and have ended the talks completely.









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