My Birthday Wish!

Today is my Birthday. Not that I wanted another one with things unsettled in certain parts of my life but yeah its another Birthday for me!

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As in the photo I do thank God whole heartedly for my life and health none the less! We all should!

People always ask me what I want for my birthday and its always hard to decide. A wife of course. And money but… that’s not really it…

So what is my birthday wish?

I am not one to beat around the bush and lead people to the bottom of an article just to get a answer so here it is:

To have the money to help all that need it out!

I would just love to have $Billions$ so I could look for he people that really need help and step in and help.

See family with no clue how to pay the bills for a month, then step in and pay them.

See a family that desperately needs a car and step in and get them one.

See a struggling college student and step in and help them out.

I have always wanted to do this and come from a family with very rich people in it BUT… I have never have the $$ to do so.

I am fully considering starting a non profit but don’t know if I want the hassle of dealing with such a thing yet.

I am talking about re fact the owner and operator of a non-profit can LEGALLY pocket 98.5% of donations! This is allowed by federal law folks!

I am working hard on my website and with my stocks to fix my finances to where I can start helping in such a manner.

My Birthday wish and dream is to gain the $$ through my hard work and such to the point where I can then give back to those who really mean it!

If God would grant me this miracle I would help countless lives that desperately need it!

Now you know my birthday wish!







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