Why the Facts NO LONGER Fit in the Soto Sweepstakes

As we move closer to the trade deadline I am baffled at all the info OR RATHER MISINFO around Juan Soto and his potential trade. The facts just no longer fit.

For starters why set a price tag so high you know no team can match it? I was told they demanded 5 top Yankees prospects along with Torres and Holmes.

NO SANE TEAM WOULD DEMAND HALF OF THAT FOR ONE PLAYER! NO TEAM IN THEIR RIGHT MIND DOES THAT! Thus I do not buy this and see it as a rival exec spreading lies.

So what is really going on? Why are teams such as the Yankees, and Dodgers who have 5+ top 100 prospects not coming close on this trade? I just don’t get it.

Lets see if we can figure it out.

The 1st thing about the Soto talks that struck me was when Jack Curry himself said the Yankees were after Juan Soto. Here’s his tweet:

Notice that was 9 days ago. Before ANY OTHER TEAM was confirmed in on Soto.

Also I went back and researched every time Jack Curry said the Yankees were in on a p[layer and how many times they got said player and… ONY ONCE DID THEY NOT GET THAT PLAYER! That was when RHP Justin Verlander blocked it with his no trade clause.

So why did Jack Curry tweet this out about Soto? What was he told to get him to put this out? He is usually so careful to never be wrong or cross anyone. This crosses Cashman BIG TIME if the Yankees don’t land him. Something is off here…

We are told 3 other teams are after Soto. They are the Cardinals, Padres, and Dodgers. Lets take a look at all 3 shall we?

San Diego Padres:

1st I ran into this last night and it makes perfect sence:

So true. Soto to the Padres makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE AT ALL in a season Tatis hasn’t even played in! It makes no sense at all. Also if they had such a great farm WHY IS THE DEAL NOT DONE?

Then there’s this point:

Yes the Padres would cripple the team Soto’s whole time there and lose any chance at a title while at it! I see no way the Padres even try this trade!

Then there’s the fact the Padres are after the Cubs C Wilson Contreras and OF Ian Happ so why would they do that and damage their own talks for Soto? They aren’t in the talks for Soto is why. I can see any way they are.

St Louis Cardinals:

Again a great point from MLB Executive Burner:

Pitching is a far bigger issue! Gordon and Carlson are better fits for the Cardinals and already on the team. Makes no sense to even try it!

Then this:

It makes no sense for the Nationals either! Makes no sense for either side here. Why are they even trying or what if it is lies? Only suggested and not actually ever discussed by these 2 teams?

Why would the Cardinals confirm they are in talks for Several pitcher if they are after Soto? There’s no way for them to get pitching and Soot. Thus they cannot actually be in the trade talks.

Las Angeles Dodgers:

Supposedly the best farm in the game but talks going nowhere? HUH? If they had this great farm with 8, EIGHT top 100 prospects how are they not even getting conversations started with the Nats per reports?

Also why are the Dodgers barely getting mentioned? Then there’s this:

EXCUSE ME? If in the middle of Juan Soto trade talks WHY LEAK THIS OUT AND DESTROY YOUR TALKS WITH THE NATIONALS? That’s not how it works folks.

Can the Dodgers REALLY BE IN THE TRADE TALKS THEN? I am so unsure…


I am unsure but my guess is Juan Soto demanded a trade to the Yankees and thus why they were the 1st AND STILL ONLY team actually confirmed in the talks.


As such the Nats needed more teams in to boost what they could get form the Yankees so they blatantly lied about the other teams being in to boost talks and create a inexistent trade market.

Notice no reporter is saying the Yankees are out and some confirmed they are still after Soto EVEN AFTER LANDING Benintendi form the Royals. SEE:


That said why would the Yankees be so silent and making only minor moves such as Benintendi or this one that just popped out?

Something is off for sure around Soto with the talks being dead silent which as we know ONLY BRIAN CASHMAN CAN CAUSE!

That said Jeff Passan used MY INFO is saying its starting to look like a offseason NOT TRADE DEADLINE trade for Juan Soto. See here:

Completely casting doubt on anything happening.

So what is going on?

I don’t actually believe the Nats ever intended on trading him till this coming offseason. That’s what! Otherwise he’s a Yankee already!




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