How I Know for a Fact the NBA is Rigged

For yeas now the NBA has gotten more and more fishy. Teams winning that are not near good enough! Lets take a look at how I know for a fact the NBA is rigged!

I remember when I was trained as a ref that a big part of t was how to control the score by the calls you make.

Yes making a key call can effect the score by 6+ points in 1 foul swoop.

An example for you, take the Utah Jazz vs No Pelican’s game last night. Jazz ball down 1 with under a minute to play. Jazz Star Center Rudy Gobert goes for a Offensive Rebound, Pelican’s youngster Zion Williamson GRABS RUDY GOBERT, THROWS HIM TO THE GOUND, YET RUDY IMPOSSIBLY GETS THE 100% BS FOUL CALL! HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? 100% Rigging!

Only possible solution is the refs were told to rig the game.

Rudy Gobert EASILY hits of of the 2 free throws if its called right and the game has a completely different ending!

Take NBA Finals 1997, game 6. MJ CLEAR AS DAY PUSHED OFF, COMMITTING A OFFENSIVE FOUL, NO call, Bulls illegally win.

The refs are clear as day missing numerous calls ON PURPOSE!

The following NBA title teams only won the title due to this blatant rigging:

  1. 1999 Spurs
  2. 2000 Lakers
  3. 2001 Lakers
  4. 2002 Lakers
  5. 2003 Spurs
  6. 2005 Spurs
  7. 2007 Spurs
  8. 2008 Nether the C’s or Lakers get close to the Finals without the rigging!
  9. 2009 Lakers
  10. 2010 Nether the C’s or Lakers get close to the Finals without the rigging!
  11. 2011 Mavericks
  12. 2014 Spurs
  13. 2015 GS
  14. 2016 GS
  15. 2018 GS
  16. 2019 NEITHER GS and TORONTO get close to the finals without the rigging.
  17. 2020 Lakers

YOU SEE THE ISSUE? Most of these teams don’t even make the post season without the rigging! Emphasis  on GS here.

That’s 17 of the last 20 NBA champions who did not legally win the title. Just go closely watch the calls the refs made to force them to win. A few others are as fishy as all get out as well…

Do the players know about this rigging? Are they to blame?

Partially. Some player you can tell are throwing games where as most are not. Watch closely how they play. You can tell when p[layers aren’t even trying as if on orders to throw a game.

To many times we hear: “The Jazz, Sonics, OKC, Piston’s, ETC play down to their opponent”? All part of the rigging.

The other part is the blatantly rigged draft lottery. Every year a team literally impossibly jumps up or tanks down the draft order.

The worst part of the rigging is a team not good enough to sniff the post season literally impossibly winning a title as GS and the Spurs are famous for. Go read what was said about them before the league blatant rigged multiple titles for both teams!

The Spurs LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLY go from a 20-62 team to a 37-12 (Paces out to be around 58-24 for a full season) team and NBA champions in 2 years? LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE!

GS Goes from 23-43 or paced over full season 28-54 to a 67 win NBA title team in a few years. AGAIN LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE! They rose 20 wins in 1 season. Again literally impossible!

The Heat and Cavs and Fakers are anomalies from this type of cheating as they added 3+ stars before their title runs.

The NBA is beyond rigged!

I know personally as a ref how EASY it is to rig a game. Here’s my personal example:

I was once officiating a again between the best team in a youth league and the worst team in the youth league. It was decided I was to call everything on the best team in the youth league and next to nothing on the worst team to even it out.

The league heads decided this as an experiment. to see if the best team really was the best team and if they would catch on.

Neither team ever suspected a thing. The worst team in the league was up 8 points at half time while the best team was kicking themselves for committing so many violations.

We hanged the officiating strategy to call everything both ways. The worst team in the league won the game by 4 points in the end. A game if called the way refs normally call them they had no chance to win.


I completely controlled the score of the game by how I called the game! This taught me how to tell if NBA refs are rigging games and I can EMPHATICALLY SAY they 100% are!

Now for a final note that will surprise everyone. 

What if the Jazz are nowhere near as good as made out to be? What if the refs are forcing it and when every starts catching on they start forcing the Jazz to lose games against teams not good enough to touch them?

That’s right, The NBA is rigging it for the Jazz this year right on schedule. they need a small market team to win a title or 2 to balance out the rigging.

Don’t give me that crap that GS is a small market team when they have San Francisco and Oakland to themselves. That’s over 1.5 million fans to themselves which is 8th most in the game behind Miami, NY, Chicago, Brooklyn, LA, Houston, Denver, and SA.

I see the Jazz as a clear 50+ win team and more then good enough to win the Western Conference. But so are both LA teams the Jazz steamrolled over the last few weeks.

I have to believe the Jazz are being helped to win so many games and the NBA is completely controlling their W-L record.

That’s how rigged the NBA is.








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