Just a few minutes ago Joel Sherman tweeted his new article stating the Indians nare 100% trading Lindor by this years August 31st trade deadline according to his sources.

Francisco Lindor Has Painted the Indians' Front Office into a Corner

This is major, MAJOR news! Here is the article:

He mentions they have decided to get talent for him while they can. As such he’s basically a Yankee already!

You see there is no minor league season this year. As such there is no way for teams to scout other teams prospects.

HOWEVER… The Indians already know the Yankees prospects and vise versa extremely well due to previous years extensive trade talks.

The same can somewhat be said for the Dodgers HOWEVER… those talks never got anywhere so not very likely.

What could the trade package look like? This:

Yankees get: SS Francisco Lindor

Indians get: RHP Miguel Yajure, RHP Deivi Garcia, OF Clint Frazier, and INF Thairo Estrada.

I defy any team to match this. Especially this year where most prospects are unknown.

The other part is Lindor wants a new contract with whatever team acquires him and wants to be a Yankee. Also the Yankees are one of the few teams with a opening at SS and the $$ for such a long term extension.

Its almost a lock. Just wait a few weeks and wait for the fireworks. This could happen before the season even starts. My guess is a mid-July to early august trade as the Indians struggle out of the gate.