More Major News Out From The BIG 12. What Does It Mean?

We got major news this morning from BIG 12 Sources that is huge for BYU! Take a look:

BYU is 100% a lock for the BIG 12 should expansion indeed be agreed upon as expected by  those in the know. What does this mean?

Well for starters not only has the BIG 12 started the process of expanding as we heard Yesterday by reaching out to Schools BUT… That BYU knows they are in the drivers seat to help save the conference and lead expansion.

The next step for BYU is pushing the remaining members to agree to expansion and then help get BSU, UCF, ETC invited and rebuild the BIG 12 to better then it was before OU and Texas bolted.

This process is already full go. BYU needs to show patience and efforts here in trying to get this done.

The BIG 12 however cannot waste any time! They absolutely MUST act now! I would expect more news very, VERY soon! Another thing of note is UCF, BSU, USF, and Cincinnati are all CONFIRMED to be negotiating with the BIG 12 right now. That’s a great sign for BYU’s possible jump to the BIG 12.

As this process moves on, the question getting most asked is what capacity would BYU be added for? BYU would be a full member. BYU’s basketball programs are that good. Massive incentive for Baylor, Kansas, ETC to add BYU.

UCF, BSU, USF, Cincinnati, ETC would be football only.

Combine this with today’s news the PAC 12 has absolutely ZERO interest in expanding.

Gives the BIG 12 added incentive to expand.

I checked with BIG 12 sources who said the BIG 12 is exploring all avenues right now and that expansion is far more likely then not with new teams joining as soon as next year.

The BIG 12 has the choice to make right now. Will they make the right one?








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