MLB FA SS Market Already Taking Shape.

We are about to see the great FA SS market ever and its already taking shape. Lets take a look.

1st we have lefty power hitting SS Corey Seager:

The word around the game already is he will be the Yankees to lose and they will sign him no matter what other moves they make such as extending Rizzo and Gallo. Both of whom are helping the Yankees out thus far with below average play thus lowering their FA value.

Also Seager is fully expect to get one of the smaller contracts handed out to a FA SS. All rumblings say the lifetime Yankees fan Seager is going to the Yankees this coming offseason. I would fully expect a 8 year contract in the $160 Million area for Seager. FYI: He’s only 27.

Yes the Yankees will resign/extend Rizzo as well as land Seager. That’s the word around the game. Torres (For pitching), Voit, Andujar, Frazier, etc. as good as traded already. Gardner 100% retiring. Wade likely gone as well due to Velasquez’s explosion on the scene.

Now for Trevor Story:

Word right now is its already lining up for the Cubs to EASILY land him. The Cubs have said they will pursue the 29 year old slugger with Story making the interest mutual. Based off current rumblings, I think it happens and he becomes the new face of the Cubs for the next 5 to 8 years.

Carlos Correa still eyes the Tigers:

Yes Correa is still 100% eyeing a jump to the Tigers and taking over as star there while getting to play for his BS cheating Manager AJ Hinch again. The Tigers are said to be looking for their next star in FA here in a few months as well and have tons of $$ to spend.

Javy Baez in Dodgers Blue:

Yes the Dodgers will be all over Javy Baez in FA. They tried to trade for him before the Mets got him. Te Dodgers are goig to be looking for a good 2B to replace Turner who will take over SS next year as Seager departs.

Marcus Semien Eye’s the Mets:

Word around the game is the Mets will be the leading landing spot for Marcus Semien after Baez bolts. Semien is having a career year out of nowhere and the Jays will not have the $$ to keep him. Mets will jump here.

BONUS: Kris Bryant is heading to Philly to join best friend Bryce Harper:

A major sign of this is the Phillies already giving up on Alex Bohm:

They have already set the stage for landing Kris Bryant. They will be al over him to keep Harper appeased!

The Phillies have all kinds of $$$ to spend and a gaping hole at 3B now!


Its going to be a heck of a offseason but pay attention to what info comes out now and you will know what to expect.




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