Gary Sanchez is About to Blow EVERYONE Away! Also A Few Other Notes.

As I have watched video’s of Yankees players at ST one is jumping at me. Gary Sanchez.

What is Wrong With Gary Sanchez?. The Answer May Surprise You | by Jeremy  Siegel | Next Generation Baseball

Video’s of Gary Sanchez from spring training show him completely balanced at the plate. A great, perfectly balanced swing.

He is poised! He has a different attitude. He is ready for a break out year!

No one will forget when he batted .278 with 33 HR’s and 90 RBI’s a few years back. #’s no other catcher since Pudge Rodriguez have even approached!

IF… Sanchez rights himself this year a .280+, 35+ HR, 110+ RBI season will be easy peasy!

The question remains CAN HE RIGHT HIMSELF?

He looks like he has from the tweaks you can see in his swing. Complete adjustment of his leg kick to make timing easier. Much more powerful. compact bat motion and path. Making a point to go to RF on away pitches!

He appears to have made the adjustments but will they pay off?

In other notes:

Aaron Boone said on Jim Bowden’s radio show the other day that RHP :Luis Severino will be used in the Bullpen this year. A very intriguing yet very perplexing and confusing prospect to think about.

The only reason I can come up for this is keeping his arm fresh this year and not burning him out. Otherwise is is a complete smoke screen.

RHP Clarke Schmidt is injured or rather is faking a injury so the Yankees don’t need excuses for not having him with the big league roster on opening day.


Yes Brian Cashman the Yankees president of Baseball Operations is working the trade market all out BUT…

It appears to be trade deadline setup and nothing more. You never know but yes it 100% looks like trade deadline set up.








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