THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF HAS OFFICIALLY EXPANDED! This forces BIG 12 at and most likely PAC 12 expansion!

News has broken out over the last several hours that the CFP Playoff is officially expanding to 12 teams with the top 4 ranked CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS getting the auto 1st round bye’s.

This is major, MAJOR news as it completely changes the landscape of college football! Especially for the likes of BYU and Notre Dame who have no path to a 1st round bye!

Without the slightest chance at a 1st round bye, independence is no longer feasible for any school and let alone BYU and ND! BYU, ND, etc. are out $Millions$ and $Millions$ by not getting that chance at a 1st round bye!

AS SUCH… We know the agreed to format.

The playoff is like this:

  1. Top Ranked Conference Champ Auto Bid AND 1ST ROUND BYE
  2. 2nd Ranked Conference Champ Auto Bid AND 1ST ROUND BYE
  3. 3rd Ranked Conference Champ Auto Bid AND 1ST ROUND BYE
  4. 4th Ranked Conference Champ auto Bid AND 1ST ROUND BYE
  5. At large 1st round game vs 12
  6. At large 1st round game vs 11
  7. At large 1st round game vs 10
  8. At large 1st round game vs 9
  9. At large 1st round game vs 8
  10. At large 1st round game vs 7
  11. At large 1st round game vs 6
  12. At large 1st round game vs 5

This forces Power 5 Expansion BY BOTH the PAC 12 and the BIG 12 and maybe other P5’s to get ND, BYU, etc. and stay out of battles for the last 1st round BYE!

Heck we may see an all out war to get BOTH BYU and ND in the same conference by the BIG 12, B1G, ACC, and SEC. Maybe even the PAC 12.

The stakes to have the best P5 conference and stay out of the 1st round are higher the ever. The BIG 12 and PAC 12 are way, WAY behind now and batting for the last bye.

The G5 conferences may try for BYBU and ND as well to boost their chances at the CFP!

So what can we expect from here? P5 expansion and fast.

I expect BYU (And most likely BSU) to have a BIG 12 offer in their hands over the next few months as we know they are already working on expansion!

As for ND…. I expect them to have BOTH B1G and ACC offers within the next few weeks to months and to jump into one of those conferences.

To put it simply the NCAA College Football committee just forced the BIG 12 and other PF’s hands to get to 14 teams ASAP!

There’s even evidence the BIG 12 feels this pressure:

That’s clear evidence Bob Bowlsby knows the BIG 12 needs more team to push for the most spots and higher spots.

Talk is now flying everywhere that BOTH the BIG 12 and PAC 12 are expanding and BOTH BYU and BSU may already have offers with the BG 12 also after UCF and USF.


If the PAC 12 expands SDSU, CSU, Fresno State, USU, and BSU (BIG 12 is all over them so…) would top their lists. There are options. (Air Force is no option as P5’s cannot add service academies!)

Other Teams in the P%’s eyes include:

  1. Houston
  2. Memphis
  3. UConn
  4. Cincinnati
  5. UNI
  6. etc.

If Conferences decide to beef up as some are now forced too look out! Teams everywhere will jump on these spots!

Get ready folks! College football is bout to get overhauled! Its about to completely change…








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