How to Fix the Yankees GLARING Weaknesses and a Few Other Notes

The Yankees looked complete with no weaknesses going into the season… That is until a few MAJOR ones have exploded in their face.

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The Yankees starting rotation is a major liability outside ACE Garrit Cole any maybe LHP Jordan Montgomery.

For LHP Jordan Montgomery he has a HUUUUUGE start tonight to prove he is the real deal. We’re all pulling for him.

RHP Masahiro Tanaka can’t get through more then a few IP. He deserves a few more starts due to getting back late from taking a linedrive to the head, before panic should insue.

Paxton has improved from one start to the next with his FB in start 1 sitting around 91 MPH and topping at 92.4MPH. In start 2 that improved to 94.8 MPH on 3 pitches.

IF Paxton shows this same improvement his next start look out. He’ll be back. IF not… Is it time for the Yankees to move on?

Happ has proven in 2 starts he’s done. He should never start a MLB game again unless its for a team like the Marlins or O’s who have no chance to win anyways.

Happ absolutely must be DFA’d or Traded ASAP and his rotation spot given to young ACE-TO-BE RHP Clarke Schmidt.

Clarke Schmidt has more then earned his chance.

Moving forward this should 100% be the Yankees rotation:

  1. RHP Garrit Cole
  2. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  3. RHP Clarke Schmidt
  4. LHP James Paxton
  5. RHP Masahiro Tanaka

The Yankees clearly have no other choice in order to fix their glaring weakness.

A Smaller Weakness that must be addressed:

The Yankees bullpen. its missing a arm or 2 AND… There’s a simple solution that may be setting up already:

WHAT? WHY? Andujar of all players sent down to the alternate site when his bat is far to important for that?

I did some checking and was told this by my Yankees assistant GM cousin:

“Yeah Andujar is nnot going to be here much longer.”

This 100% tells me he’s about to get traded. Most likely for LHP Josh Hader as the Brewers are and have been drooling over him for a few years now.

I would not be the least bit surprised if this trade happens this week. The Brewers are playing that bad.

Keep in mind Yankees Closer LHP Aroldis Chapman should be back tomorrow or Saturday. Thus why I only proposed adding 1 reliever.


GARDNER COST THE YANKEES ANOTHER WIN! Both Yankees losses this year and be traced directly to Brett Gardners inept play. Both on key points in games he screwed over.

1st in DC where he dropped a ball Tauchman AND HECK EVEN FRAZIER catches EASILY. Then yesterday in Philly he screwed over a KEY RALLY with DJ on deck and Judge in the hole.


Gardner is a cancer plain and simple! He’s 100% a liability! He must be DFA’d or traded ASAP!

The Yankees are playing great despite their major glaring holes. I firmly believe they will win the World Series this year.

Let’s hope Cashman makes the right moves as I have described before these weaknesses prove fatwel in the postseason.