Francisco Lindor IS NOT Signing Long Term With the Mets!

As Andy Martino reported earlier today the New York Mets, around two weeks ago, upped their offer to Star SS Francisco Lindor for a long term extension to 10 years, $325 Million. He has yet to say a peep about it! Or respond in any way.

In fact as Andy Martino said again, there is absolutely ZERO momentum towards a deal as of this point. ITS. NOT. HAPPENING! Lindor does not want it no matter how much the Mets do.

Now I must ask why?

Its simple really! VERY SIMPLE!

Francisco Lindor is a life time die hard Yankees who never liked the Mets growing up. This is playing a major, MAJOR factor here. Do you really think a lifetime die hard Yankees fan wants to sign long term with the Mets or any team when he knows the Yankees are getting ready to make an all out run at him? I don’t think so!

Another factor is the $$$.

Sources within the industry believe the Yankees are willing to offer Lindor as much as $375 Million over as long as 12 years next off season in FA. As Andy Martino, Ken Rosenthal, Jeff Passan, and others confirmed over the last 2 weeks yes its the Yankees are prepping an all out run at Lindor next offseason.

I did some checking and YES, I have been told by Yankees sources they are 100% gearing up for an all out run at him in FA. The sources noted the Yankees were going all out after him this past FA right before he was sent to the Mets.

Imagine this convo happening:

The Indians tell Lindor: “Hey we traded you to Ney York.

Lindor: “The Yankees? YEHA BABY! LETS GO!”

The Indians: “No to the Mets.”

Lindor: “@&*#$^@ what’s wrong with you guys? I don’t want to be a Met?”

I could see this as having happened right after the trade. Lindor even confirmed he was not told till hours after it was all over twitter.

I have to believe from what I have heard and been told that Lindor is not happy being a Met, though He’s willing to make due for this season, but wants out ASAP!

No other reason to not even try to negotiate or anything here.

Stay alert as things could change quickly but literally everything points towards Lindor hitting FA and the Yankees calling him instantly thereupon.

If nothing happens by the end of the day Wednesday its over. HE’;s gone as soon as FA starts in 8 months.








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