Josh Hader on the Move? A Few Other Notes!

So several things have happened the last several days that are major signs Josh Hader is about to get traded.

Wild-card loss cuts deep for Josh Hader, Trent Grisham

For no explainable reason he hasn’t pitched in nearly a week while missing 3, THREE save opportunities during a Brewers 6 game losing streak. The Brewers are plummeting fast!

2nd He hasn’t even been seen at the last 3 brewers games.

3rd Aaron Boone was making excuses for not calling nup Andujar who the Brewers want in the trade.

They made excuses for not calling him up.

Finally all of the Yankees Sources for every reporter have gone solent. Won’t say anything.

Literally all signs are pointing towards the trade being completed at any time. Stay alert here.

Recently @nyyrecaps posted their 5 Yankees targets. They couldn’t have been more wrong about 3 of them though they couldn’t have been more right about the other 2.

They started with RHP Lance Lynn who has openly stated he will never wave his NO TRADE CLAUSE to return to the Yankees. How true is this really? We do not know!

Then RHP Dellin Betances who is about a 5% chance MAX of happening unless in a package with DeGrom. The reason being the Yankees have yet to even ask about him.

Then they mentioned RHP Darrin O’Day, a former Yankees Prospect and player. He is 100% a Yankees target and they are in active talks for him. STAY VERY ALERT HERE.

Then they mentioned RHP Trevor Bauer who is 100% a no go as the Reds are tied for a playoff spot right now. No chance period.

Finally they mentioned SS Francisco Lindor which is 100% fact! Even Ken Rosenthal and Jeff Passan believe this one is happening at some point! Everyone around the game is talking about Lindor to the Yankees being inevitable.

All around the league in the know, are saying Lindor will be a Yankee. Its a incredibly strong vibe around the game top the point almost no other teams are even asking about him.

Remember Lindor is a FA after next season and the extension talks are already dead. This is going to happen. The only question is “When?”. Bare in mind this INEVITABLE trade way wait till the offseason.

Its not a lock for this trade deadline.

As for other Yankees targets this trade deadline. Robbie Ray is be far the most likely starter the Yankees trade for. Cheapest and the best stuff available.

For relievers, Other then Hader and O’Day, there’s a few. They already added one from Philly.

A major name which the Yankees are after is Royals Closer RHP Trevor Rosenthal. Yes the Yankees are among over a dozen teams after him. Its a bidding war peeps.

As I and Paul Juliano said don’t expect the Yankees to add position players unless like Lindor its a absolute must upgrade. Not a ton out there though.

The Yankees do have 3 players set to return from Injuries this week. They are:

OF Aaron Judge who is returning tomorrow.

INF DJ LeMahieu who is very close to returning and very likely Friday against the Mets.

OF/DH Giancarlo Stanton who has resumed baseball activities and should by all accounts return by Friday. Boone even hinted at this.

That’s all for now. More will come as it breaks and such. Stay alert and trades can and will happen at any time.








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