The MLB and its Teams are CAUSING The Numerous Injuries We Are Seeing and Nolan Ryan Proves it!

The more and more I see sports and especially baseball the more the reasons for the insane amount of injuries becomes clear! THE EFFORTS TO MANAGE PLAYERS AND AVOOID INJURIES IS ACTUALLY WHAT IS CAUSING ALL THE INJURIES! Could this be on purpose? A question that must sadly be asked!

Take Nolan Ryan for example:

Wait… He never missed a single game and never had pitch counts throwing 150+ pitches per game and was never ‘injury managed’, AND throw OVER 100 MPH over 50 times per game YET… No Tommy John surgery in injuries at all? WHAT?

Does this alone prove the managing of pitch counts and injuries IS WHAT IS CAUSING INJURIES?

What if Nolan Ryan did have these muscle pull injuries and such and simply ignored them and pitched through them in becoming the great pitch ever by a land slide? ITS STARTUING TO MKE PERFECT SENCE!

Take the NEW YORK YANKEES STARTED AND INVENTED unnatural rest crap that perfect coincides with the literally impossible amount of injuries the Yankees and other teams now have.  We never saw tis injury plague till this unnatural rest crap started.

Its starting to make more sense isn’t it?

The more teams try to “MANAGE INJURIES” The more injuries they end up causing!

The insane UCL injuries and resulting Tommy John surgeries can be explained in a few ways. They are these:

  1. The 100% unnatural and illegal things pitchers re doing to pitch better putting insane pressure on the elbow.
  2. Pitch count management putting again unnatural stress in he elbows as pitchers try to get the most out of their 100 itches allotted per game!
  3. PEDS usage that is still rampant all around baseball which weakens the body and its ligaments and ESPCIALLY things like the UCL

I am sure there are other reasons as well but these are the main ones.

For the literally impossible amount of muscle injuries around the sports here’s the reasons:

1. The absolute top reason is the unnatural rest crap! Players train to play every day with no off days. All this unnatural rest is doing is relaxing muscles where they are not meant to and then when players play in the next game BOOM! Muscles tear and such.

2. PEDS usage again must be mentioned as there is mountains of proof they cause such muscle injuries! A-Rod never had a injury till after taking PEDS for one. I could list numerus PED users here.

3. body building mixed with baseball. This has been found to be a cause for muscle injuries.

I just cannot overlook the unnatural rest and pitch count controls damage on the game!

Remember we must look at what has changed and what is newly started the same time of the injury explosion. The coincidences that show evidence of what is behind it!

This is what I am doing that has force into my attention the afore mentioned issues!

I just cannot get over the unnatural rest part and hw detrimental to the game it is for these prime athletes who trained to player LITERALLY EVERYDAY to get forced to rest for no reason as they have been the last 20+ years.

This has to stop ASAP!

Lou Gehrig never rested for any reason! Neither did  Cal Ripken Jr. This is the answer! How many players never made it in the BIGS due to this unnatural rest alone> We may never know!

Its more then obvious the brain dead actions being taken such as unnatural, unscheduled rest days, etc. in the name of health and safety is actually what is causing all the insane amount of injuries pro sports wide!

Let pitchers throw well over 100 pitches per start. Stop babying grown men!

The time has come to remove from baseball anything contributing to the injury epidemic they seem to have zero control over!




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