Why BOTH INF/OF Derek Dietrich and INF/OF Jay Bruce Are 100% Locks For the Yankees!

Both Jay Bruce and Derek Dietrich are locks to make the Yankees. Not only are they both raking in ST but they are playing amazing defense as well. They also flat out LOVE being Yankees.

Just see from Derek Dietrich here:

And from Jay Bruce here:

They are having loads of fun and are excited for the chance at a title with the Yankees.

Dietrich is currently batting .333 with a HR and 2 RBI’s while Jay Bruce is batting  a whopping .750 with 2 XBH’s.

Again both are having a blast and ranking while playing great defense.

They are perfect fits for the Yankees. Great, GREAT signings on the cheep.

So what can we expect from them during the regular season? Something like this:

I fully expect around 300 to 350 AB’s each. That said here’s what I project:

Jay Bruce: .303 BA 21 HR’s, 68 RBI’;s

Derek Dietrich: .300 BA 20 HR’s, 64 RBI’s

I projected based off the parks they will play in, the lineup they will be in, and ETC!

Get excited Yankees fans as these 2 power lefty bats and here to stay for 2021 at least!

Cashman basically confirmed today they are staying:

This is gonna be a very fun ride!








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