Dolphins Cap Situation and Looming INEVITABLE Cuts

The Miami Dolphins currently have just over $11 Million in cap space YET…  They need around $18.5 Million to sign their new draftees. So what is coming to fix this?

Several players are about to get cut!

Here’s the list of who is on the chopping block with the likely hood they get cut:

  1. WR Albert Wilson – 100%
  2. WR Jakeem Grant – 100%
  3. TE Durham Smythe – 100%
  4. S Eric Rowe – 99%
  5. S Bobby McCain – 99%
  6. TE Cethan Carter – 99%
  7. RB Jordan Scarlette – 98%
  8. RB Patrick Laird – 95%
  9. CB Justin Coleman 95%
  10. WR Lynn Bowden JR 95%
  11. S Nate Holley – 90%
  12. WR Mack Hollins – 88%
  13. WR Antonio Calloway 88%
  14. C Cameron Tom – 85%

Keep in mind the Dolphins just drafted a WR, TE, RB, and MULTIPLE O-Lineman.

As such you can see several Vets are about to hit the chopping block.

To fully understand this you must fully realize the Dolphins have no choice. Their cap situation is 100% forcing such cuts.

Once all these guys get cut the Dolphins cap # will drop by APROX $39.8 Million giving them the flexibility to not only sign their draft class and EITHER Le’Veon Bell AND/or Todd Gurley while still having PLENTY left for mid season trades and such.

The Dolphins literally have no choice!

The question now is when do these guys start getting cut?

I believe right after June 1st when the cap hits drastically fall. It by far makes the most sense.

There is tons of work to be done by the Dolphins before the season starts and they pieces to do it with. They drafted and sign UDFA’s to replace guys certain to get cut now.

The Dolphins already set the stage.

Its time to watch and see what happens when these guys start getting the boot.

Going to be a fun ride for sure!








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