Very Interesting Yankees-Rockies Trade Predicted by The Athletic

So this morning a trade was released by the athletic that they expect to happen between the Rockies and Yankees. They predict it to happen BEFORE OPENING DAY as well. Lets try and digest it.

Here’s the trade:

So there’s a few issues with this right off the bat. The 1st being is the Rockies want nothing to do with Andujar and would not accept any trade with him in it. They would love to take Tauchman back or even get Gardner though. So swap Andujar with Tauchman/Gardner/ETC.

Let me make this as clear as I can! The Yankees will never trade BOTH Gio Urshela and Miguel Andujar in the same trade! No chance period!

2nd is the Rockies would want another young SP like RHP Clarke Schmidt, RHP Domingo German, German, RHP Albert Abreu Abreu, ETC. German seems by far the most likely with Schmidt instead of Garcia.

The Rockies will also want a replacement SS. Say Thairo Estrada.

So the real trade would look like this:

Yankees Get:

SS Trevor Story, RHP German Marquez, RHP Daniel Bard

Rockies Get:

RHP Clarke Schmidt, RHP Albert Abreu, SS Thairo Estrada, 3B Gio Urshela, and RHP Loaisiga.

How does the trade look now? FAR, FAR more balanced. Far, FAR more realistic as well.

So what are the odds such a trade does actually happen or not?

Per The Athletics’ Jim Bowden they are far, FAR better then you would expect. They said the teams (Yankees and Rockies) already have the groundwork for such a trade done.

This could already be in the works.

Remember me tweeting several times that the sides were talking and included it in an article about a month ago?

Story is 100% getting traded this year. The only question is where to and when.

Well… Its now looking more and more as if BEFORE Spring Training Ends. Before Opening day!

It also Appears as if the Yankees are the destination.

I checked with my sources with both teams again and will do so for the next few weeks AT LEAST.

On the Yankees side I was told anything is possible and almost nothing else.

On the Rockies side I was told they never ended talks or contact with the Yankees from a month ago but things are yet to heat up in any way though they could at any time. They said to pay close attention here just in case.

It just may happen guys! Lets wait and see!








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