Just a few minutes ago ESPN’s Adam Shefter, my namesake, broke the news that the #5 Overall pick will start in week 8 against the Rams and is the Starter going forward.


As you can see in his tweet here Tua Tagovailoa is the Dolphins Starter at QB now and for the foreseeable future:

So why would they make this move now that the Dolphins are rolling on a 3-1 stretch and on their way to the Division lead with the Bills falling apart?


Ryan Fitzpatrick did not play that well this past week despite the Dolphins 2nd straight blow out win.

He was 18/27 for 191 yards, 3 TD’s, and 2 INT’s. That calculates ato a measly, terrible 93.1 QBR.

Just not good at all. Especially against the Jets TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE defense.

As such the Dolphin had to at least consider the move.

Going into this bye week is the perfect time and opportunity to get Tua in as starter and show the world what he can do.

Its a momentum building move that will push the Dolphins towards the playoffs and the division title this year and for years to come! As Joe Schad says here:

Its Tua’s time to take the reigns and run. The Rams are in for it in 12 days if Tua has his way.

What can we expect going forward from the young stud QB? Well he just looked fantastic throwing 2-2 for 10 yards and a 1st down. Fantastic in killing the clock and ending the game.

Think of it this way Dolphins fans, Tua proved the pass rush is no Biggy to him on those throws in escaping it effortlessly both times awhile completing the pass both times.

He he also as Adam Shefter said in the previous tweet, has had the best mentor and coach possible thus far in the long time vet Ryan Fitzpatrick! He is ready!

When Flores was asked why now this was his reply:

This emphatically tells me that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has been chomping at the bit to get Tua starting.

Its Tua’s time now and we get to watch and awe!

There is also the believe that Tua has bean far, FAR further along then believed and far, FAR more ready then believed:

To put it simply the Dolphins have timed it perfectly and are ready to roar with Tua come week 8 against the Rams!

Tua its your time! Lets do this kid! Take over YOUR team and run with it!








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