Yankees Draft Break Down and What it Means for the Yankees Trade Deadline

The Draft is over. Lets take a look at the Yankees draft at what it means for the Yankees trade deadline.

1st lets take a look at the 1st 10 Rounds:

1st Round Pick: Trey Sweeney – Eastern Illinois (IL) – INF/OF L/R 6′ 4″ 200lbs
Very interesting pick and very similar to Austin Wells last year. Another lefty power bat that rakes and can pay anywhere defensively. Will be a fats riser through the system.
2nd Round Pick:  Brenden Beck – Stanford (CA) – RHP 6′ 3″ 215lbs
A great chance to be a top of the rotation arm with a stellar 5 pitch mix of a 4 seem fastball, 2 seem fastball, Changeup, Slider, and Curveball. Should fly up the system.
3rd Round Pick: Brock Selvidge – Hamilton HS (AZ) – LHP 6′ 3″ 205lbs
Interesting pick. Another southpaw for the Yankees system and yes is signing with the Yankees. Very raw and is 3+ years away from the BIGS.
4th Round Pick: Cooper Bowman – Louisville (KY) – INF  R/R 6′ 0″ 205lbs
Odd pick but makes sense as this kid rakes as a lifetime .350+ hitter in college and has all kinds of power.
5th Round Pick: Tyler Hardman – Oklahoma (OK) – 1B R/R 6′ 4″ 225lbs
Excellent pick here. Power hitting 1B that bats for a very high average. Starting to see a theme here.
6th Round Pick: Richard Fitts – Auburn (AL) – RHP 6′ 3″ 215lbs
A very good young pitcher. Should be a great future bullpen piece.
7th Round Pick: Robert Ahlstrom – Oregon (OR) – LHP  6′ 2″ 176lbs
Another very good lefty for the pen. Needs time to develop but should be a good one.
8th Round Pick Will Warren – SELU (LA) – RHP 6′ 2″ 175lbs
Odd pick. Why another pitcher this early? HM…
9th Round Pick: Chandler Champlain – UCLA (CA) – RHP 6′ 5″ 220lbs
So this is a flop of a pick. Terrible, TERRIBLE pitcher that will never even approach AAA. [NOTE: I have seen 3 different schools listed for him so no one knows I guess.]
10th Round Pick: Ben Cowles – Maryland (MD) – INF R/R 6′ 1″ 180lbs
Another high average infielder. Another kid that could be a fast riser. The theme is clear.
1st 10 Picks Summery:
The 1st thing I see is another power lefty bat that can play anywhere defensively. The 2nd is a ton of middle infielders signaling Peraza is as good as traded and maybe ever Torres. Bare in mind Cashman said the draft will dictate what the Yankees do. The new 1B says the Yankees may trade Gittens or Voit, OR BOTH. Lets see.
Picks 11-20:
11th Round Pick: Jack Neely – OSU (OH) – RHP 6′ 8″ 225lbs
The next Dallin Betences or Tyler Glasnow? Huge dude and a very good pitcher.
12th Round Pick: Ben Rice – Dartmouth (NH) – C L/R 6′ 2″ 205lbs
Another big burley catcher with tons of power and bats LEFT HANDED. Can easily force his way up to the BIGS. Somewhat of a project though.
13th Round Pick: Zack Messinger – Virginia (VA) – RHP 6′ 6″ 225lbs
Another big burley pitcher. Yankees seem to be stocking up on these big guys. Great depth piece.
14th Round Pick: Sean Hermann – Durant HS (FL) – RHP  6′ 0″ 160lbs
Doubtful he signs and such. Likely heading to college.
15th Round Pick: Danny Watson – VCU (VA) – RHP 6′ 7″ 235lbs
Another gigantic pitchers. Should have a nasty fast fastball and has great stuff. Another great get. More of a reliever then a starter.
16th Round Pick: Cole Ayers – SCFM- Sarasota (FL) – RHP 6′ 3″ 185lbs
Interesting pick. Great stuff but very raw. Does he sign?
17th Round Pick: Grant Richardson – Indiana (IN) – OF L/L 6′ 2″ 210lbs
Another lefty power bat that hits for a very high average. Yankees fans should be excited for this guy. Give him his time to rise through the system though.
18th Round Pick: Bailey Dees – Penn State (PA) – RHP 6′ 8″ 250lbs
Yet another gigantic pitcher. PSU never puts out good players so a major, MAJOR project. Will it pan out?
19th Round Pick: Dominic Keegan – Vanderbilt (TN) – C R/R 6′ 0″ 210lbs
Another catcher with tons of pop. Very good average bat as well. Something brewing via trade for Yankees catching depth?
20th Round Pick: Sean Hard – St. Joseph RS (NJ) – RHP 6′ 5″ 195lbs
Not expected to sign but a great young pitcher none the less. How good are the Yankees at selling guys on signing?
Picks 11-20 Summery:
Very interesting. 2 Catchers, a power hitting lefty and tons more pitching. Trades 100% about to happen.
Full draft summery:
The Yankees are setting up multiple trades as this draft proves. Just look at the positions drafted. Very, VERY telling.
So what trades are coming then?
From what I have been told and the current info from Passan, Ken Rosenthal and others, The Yankees are deep in talks with the Cubs about 1B Anthony Rizzo, INF/OF Kris Bryant, OF Joc Pederson, and INF/OF Ian Happ. I expect something to happen here but not all 4. Rizzo seems to be the Yankees focus. If I had to guess it ends up like this:
Yankees Get: 1B Anthony Rizzo, OF Joc Pederson
Cubs Get: RHP Deivi Garcia, OF Clint Frazier, INF Luke Voit, INF/OF Tyler Wade, C Josh Brouex.
The Yankees seem focused on these 2 and derirmined to make a trade for them.
The Joey Gallo talks are continuing and getting closer to happening per several reports and sources. Stay alert here. If I had to guess the package for this one its this:
Yankees Get: INF/OF Joey Gallo
Rangers Get: INF/OF Miguel Andujar, OF Aaron Hicks, RHP Luis Medina, INF Oliver Dunn
The Rangers love Andujar and want fair value for Gallo.
Per several reports this morning, the Yankees are the believed landing spot for SS Trevor Story. No other team make sense with the A’s completely focused on Javy Baez. The predicted trade and most likely per my beliefs is this:
Yankees Get: SS Trevor Story (Most likely with extension)
Rockies Get: INF Gleyber Torres, INF Oswald Peraza, RHP Luis Gill, C Kyle Higashioka
Yes the Rockies want a catcher in any such trade. They want 4 pieces that will help them in the future and this does it for them.
RHP Rich Rodriguez and INF/OF Adam Frazier of the Pirates remain Yankees trade targets as well. After Cole touted them it makes sense. Here’s the expected trade:
Yankees Get: RHP Rich Rodriguez, INF/OF Adam Frazier
Pirates Get: RHP Brooks Kriske, INF Alexander Vargas, OF Kevin Alcantera, C Antonio Gomez, and RHP Albert Abreu
Good value both ways and clears a few 40 man spots. Pirates also get a bullpen replacement and infield depth that is very much needed.
Cashman continues to remain in talks for Jose Berrios as well. Not sure it happens but Berrios for a few pitching prospects and say German makes perfect sense.
This is the new Yankees lineup after these moves:
1. 2B DJ LeMahieu
2. RF Aaron Judge
3. LF Joey Gallo
4. DH Giancarlo Stanton
5. 1B Anthony Rizzo
6. SS Trevor Story
7. CF Joc Pederson
8. C Gary Sanchez
9. 3B Go Urshela
Here’s the Yankees new bench:
INF/OF Adam Frazier
C Rob Brantley
OF Tim Locastro
1B Chris Gittens
A loaded deep bullpen. Yes the moves require DFAing and forcing the retirement of Brett Gardner. HE MUST GO ASAP!
New Rotation:
1. RHP Garret Cole
2. RHP Jose Berrios
3. LHP Jordan Montgomery
4. RHP Jamison Taillon
5. LHP Nestor Cortes till RHP Corey Kluber and/or Luis Severino finally get back.
Much needed depth and such. Much more stable rotation.
New bullpen:
1. CP: RHP Rich Rodriguez
2. SU1: LHP Zack Britton
3. SU3: RHP Johnny Loaisiga
4. MR1: LHP Aroldis Chapman
5. MR2: RHP Chad Green
6. MR3: LHP Lucas Leutge
7. LR2: RHP Michael King
8. LR2: LHP Wandy Peralta

Absolutely loaded bullpen. Amazing depth and anew closer on the cheap. I exclude Darren O’Day and Justin Wilson due to how terrible they have been.

I am also hearing the Yankees are talking to Adam Eaton as a Gardner replacement. I do not personally see this happening.

To put it plainly the Yankees are 100% up to something and working on multiple big trades. Stay very, VERY alert now that the draft is over peeps!








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