The 2021 SS FA Class and Where They Will Land

The 2021 SS FA class is something to behold. Its unbelievable to look at in fact.

The list consists of the following guys:

  1. SS Francisco Lindor
  2. SS Javy Baez (BAY-ez or BAA-ez)
  3. SS Corey Seager
  4. SS Trevor Story
  5. SS Marcus Semien
  6. SS Brandon Crawford
  7. SS Carlos Correa

HOLY CRAP WHAT A LIST! Absolutely loaded! There’s absolutely no excuse for the Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers, ETC mot to pounce!

Lets take a 1 by 1 look at them and where they will end up.

SS Francisco Lindor:

While he is not grade bait unless the Mets fall flat on their face, he is 100% going to bolt in FA!

The favorite for Lindor, BY FAR in FA is the Yankees. remember he’s a life time Yankees fan. He will engage the Yankees.

Prediction for Lindor: Leaves for the Yankees in FA!

SS Javy Baez:

Baez could in fact get traded. The Cubs will compete but its actually somewhat on the table. Odds are the Cubs sign him to an extension though.

Is is already confirmed the Cubs are talking extensions with perspective FA’s:

As such I do not think he ultimately leaves Chicago.

Prediction For Baez: Signs extension with the Cubs.

SS Corey Seager:

The Dodgers want to keep the star SS in LA. Who really could out bid him? The Mets? They will look elsewhere. Astros? Not bloody likely! Rangers? Yeah right!

The fact is I do not see the Dodgers letting Seager Leave LA!

Prediction for Seager: Either signs extension or resigns with the Dodgers next offseason.

SS Trevor Story:

He 100% wants out of Colorado. He’s a price trade deadline target. Numerous playoff contenders will be all over this.

Prediction for Story: Traded to the Braves at the deadline and then resigns long term there.

SS Marcus Semien:

He is a odd one. Was just in FA. Didn’t even try for a long term deal. Then signs in Toronto to play 2B. So bizarre. However a really good season there and he’s talking long term deal in FA.

Odds are, he heads back to Oakland. A few other teams will definitely try like the White Sox, Mets, Rangers, ETC.

Prediction for Semien: Signs back with Oakland in FA.

SS Brandon Crawford:

Now 35 and aging fast. I don’t see many and if any teams INCLUDING the Yankees who recently tried to trade for him, really trying for him. Still he will have some suitors.

Prediction for Crawford: Resigns on cheap deal with the Giants.

SS Carlos Correa:

The Astros have yet tp try and extend him. Springer already bolted town. Correa is next. I see him traded at the deadline and then signing elsewhere.

Prediction for Correa: Traded to the White Sox at the deadline and then signs long term with the Mets.


Its going to be a heck of a offseason for SS’s. With the luxury tax about to get abolished in the 2021 CBA negotiations, teams can relax and throw the $$ where they need to go.









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