Yankees Pitching Search Update:

As this offseason moves on its becoming more and more apparent what the Yankees plans are. DJ, p[itching, fixing defense, and LH power bats. So what exactly are they working on right now?


Cashman has made it more then clear over the last few days that DJ LeMahieu is holding everything up. Once he agrees with the Yankees then things will move fast.

Pitching will be next then LH power bats. Could get Carrasco and Lindor at the same time as well.

What exactly are the plans with the pitching rotation? As of right now this is the Yankees rotation:

  2. RHP Luis Severino(OUT TILL JUNE)
  3. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  4. RHP Deivi Garcia
  5. RHP Clarke Schmidt
  6. RHP Michael King
  7. RHP Domingo German
  8. RHP Miguel Yajure
  9. RHP Albert Abreu
  10. RHP Johnathan Loaisiga

YIKES is that bad. It could hold its own if Severino and German get back to their ACE form. That’s not very likely and simply cannot be counted on.

As such the Yankees 100% HAVE TO ADD 2+ SP’s! If noting more then veterans like RHP Corey Kluber and Such.

I would personally be just fine with them signing ACE RHP Trevor Bauer and calling it a offseason so far as SP goes. That would give them a dominant top 2 and completely take the pressure off the young guys!

However…. What do I expect the Yankees do? Based off what I am hearing, a trade for SS Francisco Lindor + RHP Carlos Carrasco or RHP Zack Plesac and signing RHP Corey Kluber.

A such this remains my projected Yankees rotation:

  2. RHP Carlos Carrasco
  3. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  4. RHP Luis Severino(OUT TILL JUNE)
  5. RHP Corey Kluber
  6. RHP Clarke Schmidt
  7. RHP Deivi Garcia
  8. RHP Michael King
  9. RHP Domingo German
  10. RHP Miguel Yajure
  11. RHP Albert Abreu
  12. RHP Johnathan Loaisiga

This by far makes the most sense.

Yes I know about the trade talks with the pirates for 1B Josh Bell, and RHP Jamison Tallion, and the potential for a LHP Josh Hader + LHP Brandon Woodruff trade but this is what I feel is by far the most likely.

Now for the bullpen, it looks like this currently:

  1. CP: LHP Aroldis Chapman
  2. SU1: RHP Chad Green
  3. SU2: LHP Zack Britton
  4. MR: RHP Adam Ottavino
  5. MR: RHP Ben Heller
  6. MR: RHP Albert Abreu
  7. MR/LR: RHP Luis Cessa
  8. MR: RHP Brooks Kristie
  9. MR/LR: RHP Alexander Viscaino

Obviously lots of work to do here. At bare minimum it needs 2+ more arms and if not 3+.

Here’s the names the Yankees are currently after here both in free agency and the trade market:

  1. LHP Josh Hader
  2. RHP Archie Bradley
  3. RHP Trevor Rosenthal
  4. RHP Ryne Stanek
  5. LHP Brad Hand
  6. RHP Jake Deikman
  7. RHP Liam Hendricks
  8. RHP Alex Colome
  9. RHP Wade Davis
  10. LHP Sean Doolittle
  11. RHP Ken Giles
  12. RHP Shane Greene(FORMER YANKEE)
  13. LHP Jake McGee
  14. RHP Chaz Roe
  15. RHP Ryan Tepera

As you can see there’s all kinds of options available.

What I would do is load up by singing RHP Liam Hendricks, RHP Trevor Rosenthal, RHP Archie Bradley, RHP Ryne Stanek, and LHP Brad Hand.

What I think Cashman does is get RHP Trevor Rosenthal, RHP Ryne STanek, and LHP Sean Doolittle.

This is still ok and leaves a bullpen looking like this:

  1. CP: LHP Aroldis Chapman
  2. SU1: RHP Trevor Rosenthal
  3. SU2: LHP Zack Britton
  4. MR: RHP Chad Green
  5. MR RHP Ryne Stanek
  6. MR LHP Sean Doolittle
  7. MR RHP Adam Ottavino
  8. LR: RHP Luis Cessa
  9. LR: RHP Albert Abreu

A far, FAR better and deeper bullpen.

Do not be surprised if the Yankees sign RHP Archie Bradley and RHP Trevor Bauer either. They are 100% in the talks for both.

Again the moves will start happening once DJ LeMahieu’s deal gets done which could happen literally at any time per his agent!








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