Trevor Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba said today during a podcast that Bauer is getting very close to signing with a unspecified team. The question is which team is he signing with?

Trevor Bauer on Twitter: ".@JomboyMedia has called this race for the  projected winner, Trevor Bauer.… "

Here’s Bauer’s agent’s statement:

SO where is he going?

For starters we know the Padres are out as they have shifted to chasing Yu Darvish from the Cubs AS CBS Sports reported here:

2nd we know the Mets are out as they have completely shifted to chasing Tomoyuki Sugano from Japan as Joel Sherman reported:

So who is remaining?

The only teams confirmed to be in talks with him(BY TEAM SOURCES) are the Yankees, Angels, and Dodgers respectively.

The Giants, White Sox, Blue Jays, and ETC never got in talks after checking in with him and his agent. 25 teams sources said this or reported never trying. Nothing happening there.

The Yankees are very intriguing here as Bauer is close to signing right after Cashman 3 times WITHIN THE LAST WEEK stated EMPHATICALLY he wants to add SP and an innings eater.

Something is 100% going on here. But what?

Bauer also posted this picture when ask where he is going:


The Dodgers only confirmed they are in talks but said they are not likely to add in the SP area or ay major contracts for that matter. Are they out? No solid links here. Nothing at all. Doesn’t seem very likely.

There are reports the Angels really want him but not solid links there, and its unknown if of when they made an offer or will make an offer.

If I had to guess I would say he will land with the Yankees or Angels while leaning every so slightly to the Yankees.

It just makes WAY, WAY, WAY to much since for the Yankees to pair him atop their rotation with ACE RHP Garrit Cole.

Trevor Bauer has been doing everything possible to join the Yankees as well. The signs are there.

We’ll see how this shakes out but as of right now everything says we will know sooner then later!

Of course a team could always change its mind and jump back in. Very doubtful though.

Lets see what happens and if this holds true to patterns then we’ll know Trevor Bauer’s destination within a week.








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