Thursday Morning Yankees Updates:

So as this season winds down lets take a look around the Yankees and what to expect for the post season and Offseason!

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Lets start with the post season.

So the Twins won and the White Sox lost yesterday which changes everything.

The Yankees lost no ground on getting the 4th seed. Their WC round opponent changed to the White Sox, and the Yankees have the advantage for the 4th seed now.

The White Sox have a tough, TOUGH remaining schedule while the Yankees get the fishes in Miami.

As such the Yankees are going 3-1 out. The white sox 1-2 at best. The White Sox are limping, LIMPING into the post season and do not look at all…

The Yankees are set up with a 1-2 punch of Cole and Tanaka.

Simply put no matter where its played the White Sox are not touching the Yankees in the WC round.

Now to look at the rumblings about the rout the Yankees will take this coming offseason.

Gleyber Torres looks freakin TERRIBLE at SS! I mean as terrible as they come. As such could the Yankees look for a better SS? in the offseason? EMPHATICALLY YES!

Literally every industry source is of the firm belief star SS Francisco Lindor is 100% going to the Yankees this off season.

Some believe Torres will be involved but some called that idea crazy.

If I had to guess the trade package it would look something like this:

Yankees Get: INF Francisco Lindor, LHP Brad Hand

Indians Get: INF Thairo Estrada, OF Everson Pereira, RHP Miguel Yajure, RHP Luis Gill.

I base this off what the big dog reporters said they Indians were asking for him at the trade deadline.

Yankees Starting Rotation:

With LHP J.A. Happ, RHP Masahiro Tanaka, and LHP James Paxton all locks to leave in FA we know the rotation will look starkly different next year.

Just how different will it be?

Lets start with Masahiro Tanaka.

His agent talked to Bryan Hoch last night and basically guaranteed.

Literally everything he said was as if the Yankees had already told him to find a job elsewhere next offseason as they will not give him what he wants.

As such its a lock for Tanaka to go elsewhere. He’s guaranteed to get several 5+ year, $100 Million+ offers. Literally no chance the Yankees do close to that!

James Paxton:

HIs injuries have booted him out the door to keep it short. He has screwed himself over and out of the rotation and off the Yankees.

J.A. Happ:

So he will not get his vesting option after only 9 regular season starts. I see no chance the Yankees resign him unless as a last second emergency filler. He’s 100% gone.


RHP Trevor Bauer:

The consensus around the game is the Yankees are jumping at the chance to add him beside Cole and be the Yankees #2.

Bauer himself has hinted at this. He has said on several podcasts and such he wants to be a Yankee.

While at least 10 teams will talk to him I do believe he’ll end up a Yankee.

What will the deal look like? Somewhere around 4 to 5 years and $75to $100 Million. Far less then Tanaka.

LHP Robbie Ray:

Yes the Yankees once again will be after him. They firmly believe they can fix him and make him ACE material.

It would not cost that much either. Say 5 years (He’s only 28) and $50 Million.

A Surprise?

Cashman has done it before. Pulled a pitcher out of nowhere as he did Paxton, Pavano, ETC.

While there doesn’t seem to be any available on the trade market what about the young guns in Garcia, Schmidt, ETC?

Garcia and Schmidt will undoubtedly be in the 2021 rotation. They are locks.

That fills out the rotation till Sevy gets back.

There is also a potential Domingo German return to the rotation but sources are indicating he’s 100% trade bait.

He’s most likely heading to Milwaukee with Miguel Andujar for LHP Josh Hader. Thus why he is not included in my rotation prediction.

As such this is my Yankees 2021 rotation prediction:

  1. RHP Garrit Cole
  2. RHP Trevor Bauer
  3. LHP Robbie Ray
  4. RHP Deivi Garcia
  5. RHP Clarke Schmidt

A tops ion the game rotation. I believe Sevy is heading for the bullpen when he returns as well.

What else could the Yankees do?

I have heard a rumbling the Yankees will trade Clint Frazier and then sign OF Michael Brantley to play LF. Can you imagine a 1-2 lineup punch of DJ and Brantley? WOWZA!!

Sources indicate Brantley to the Yankees is a incredibly strong possibility! Once source said:

“The Yankees are 100% eyeing Brantley to replace Gardner.”

Almost all industry sources believe its a match. The Yankees need a lefty power bat after Ford seemingly flopped. Brantley could be that guy.

D.J. LeMahieu:

Every time I ask I am told his extension will be completed in the private negotiating period the week+ before FA. Some industry sources believe its already done and will be finalized then.

Anyway you cook it he’s not going anywhere.

What could his extension look like? If its up the fans somewhere around 10 Years $500 Million! HAHAHA

In all seriousness for the 31 year old DJ a 4 year deal in the $52 Million area would do it. DJ wants to be a Yankee and will work with the Yankees on this deal.

I will be flat out stunned if DJ’s extension isn’t the 1st thing Cashman does.

Outside of these there’s a few names to keep an eye on.

C J.T. Realmuto is one the Yankees will make a run at but unknown how much or how seriously they go after him. Half the teams in baseball will make a run at him.

Another is SS Marcus Semien but not very likely with the belief around baseball the Yankees will acquire Lindor.

OF Joc Pedersen: A option for LF. The Yankees will at least talk to him.

RHP Liam Hendricks is one the Yankees are expected to make a strong, STRONG to all out run at to replace the TJ Victim Tommy Kahnle. I expect a 4 year deal worth near $60 Million here.

That’s it for now. Lets brace for a strong post season run from the bombers! With the strong 1-2 punch of Cole and Tanaka the Yankees are positioned as well as anyone for the WC series.









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